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I have some great news about Disney’s newest movie news release. In March of 2017, Disney will be releasing a new version of Beauty and the Beast! Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, this movie promises to deliver!


Looking back to my childhood, Disney has always had a big part. Young girls from the 90’s were surrounded with some of the best Disney princesses there have ever been, and Belle was no exception. I will never forget her in a library, and I swore that I would one day have a library with ladders that rolled. I was always so fascinated with how beautiful AND smart she was; she was very respected by everyone in town. Her beauty was shown to exist far deeper than her appearance, and this is exactly what the young girls wanted to imitate about her. If Belle did not represent what it meant to be a strong, independent, and kind woman, I don’t know who did.


The new release of the Disney classic is long awaited, and it is promising big things. First, Belle will be starred by the beautiful Emma Watson. With such quiet strength, Belle’s true nature sure to be evident on the big screen. Second, the details evident in the newest teaser trailer assure only the highest quality with which Disney is associated. The darkness of the castle mixed with the elegance of the floors, walls, furniture, and decor seem to capture the essence of the beloved movie. See the magic for yourself:

Movie Teaser Trailer

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this movie. I cannot wait to recreate my favorite childhood experience: falling in love with Belle all over again. She has always been my favorite princess, and I know only Disney could do her justice in the new addition. I cannot wait to see the new movie, and I know you feel the same!