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My dad was always so hard working. If I remember anything about my dad: he worked overtime every week and never complained. I remember waking up to him leaving the house and eating many late dinners planned for when he would come home. He has always been an inspiration to me and I still aim to have the same drive and determination in life as he still has today.

Throughout my childhood, Father’s Day was always the day for my father to be pampered. His favorite foods included steak, potatoes, and homemade macaroni and cheese, so I have may memories sitting around the table with this meal. This year, Father’s Day is a little different for me.

This year is a true celebration of my husband. The past 8 months have not been easy, particularly the sleeplessness and long to-do lists, but every moment has been one to treasure. I love looking back on pictures of Nathaniel and Aksel. They are just two kids when they are together and they have always had a unique and irreplaceable bond.


This year, we had an awesome time planning a party for Nathaniel and his dad. We got to put together some nice decorations, send out cards, and, as expected, eat some amazing food. After many parties thrown in this house, we have learned some of the musts for planning a spectacular and memorable party. And of course, I wanted to share some of the best with you!

Paperless Post

Okay, this is a new discovery for us. With everything going digital, Paperless Post offers online invitations. We have all tried the online events on social media for planning for birthdays and holidays, but the charm of the personalized invitation from one person to another is lost.

For this Father’s Day, we sent out both invitations and Father’s Day cards. The invitations included personalized envelopes and even an easy RSVP card that is sent back with a single click! No more worrying about unexpected guests that did not want to go through the trouble of calling, sending, or even texting! This helps with planning as well as setting the tone for just how amazing and memorable the party is for all the guests.

Now, do not think that the holiday cards cannot be as great. Every card was personalized with a photo and the sentimental words of his children. Well, for Aksel, Mommy had to do a little translating from his excited screams: “Dada! Dada!”

Not only were these card and invitations spectacular, but they were so easy! With just a few clicks and the personalized message was able to be typed directly on the card. It was also easy to include one of my favorite photos.  Then, they can be sent out all at once to all of your contacts and guests! No more labeling and sealing envelopes or sticking stamps!

Fun Themes

Our dads love the outdoors, so, for us, Father’s Day had to be in the fresh air. We finally had a reason to open up our umbrellas over the porch and hang a few lights. We wanted something light, fun, and summery. After our vacation at the beach, bicycles and palm trees were just too perfect not to do. Our theme kept the atmosphere light-hearted and opened up the conversation for reminiscing our most recent family adventure. I’d say we set the tone for a fun, outdoor celebration for our dads.

Limiting Space

Keeping the area small meant less decorations made more of an impact. This not only meant less time decorating, but  less money spent as well. For busy and working moms, I know these are two HUGE pluses. We kept it simple: hang a few lights, throw a table cloth down, and use some cute and decorative table settings, and our porch was transformed. Not only was this enough decorations, but it kept our party cozy and casual, just the way they wanted it.

Yummy Food

Now, I do not want to spill too much because we will be sharing the new recipe, but let’s just say you cannot go wrong with our steak sandwiches! It gave Nathaniel’s dad a reason to go out to the grill and went all too perfectly with Chrishelle’s famous potato salad! Add a little lemonade and this meal was irresistible.

Its All About the People

When a party is for someone, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays,…. it is so important to make that person feel special. Our fathers are simple. That meant that a small party with their families was the most spectacular and memorable party there was. They enjoyed getting to talk about what interested them and some of their own hobbies and having their entire family surrounding them, giving them attention, and listening to what they had to say.


  1. We’ve had a lot going on around here (end of the school year) and I literally haven’t even given a thought to Father’s Day. I Need to get started because it;s only a few weeks away.

  2. I totally forgotten its Father Day and it be my first one as a father! Eeeekkkk!!! time flies when you are having fun!

  3. Oh what a special and memorable party. I love this and those photos are all frame worthy. I won’t see my dad this year for Father’s Day but will have to try to plan a party next year.

  4. Aww what a lovely post and some beautiful memories captured in photographs. I have to admit I’ve heard a little about Paperless Post but not all that much, I shall have to look into it more.

  5. I love the pineapple table decor. I’m looking forward to Father’s Day with my husband…we will be on vacation so hopefully he will have a wonderful day.

  6. Haha you make me feel like a bad wife for not throwing a party for my husband! How sweet! I actually appreciate getting paperless cards online because I feel bad throwing out cards!

  7. I love to pick a fun theme for our parties. These invites are so cute and easy to make. We are having a few people over for a BBQ this Fathers Day.

  8. This is such a great post and I love the photos. The paperless invitations are a great idea from Paperless Post. Family together does indeed make the best parties. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  9. The party looks so amazing. I really liked this and yes. the food is the most important for a party. Really, I think some celebrate this in a such a nice way. Keep going!!

  10. Ohhh I love the pictures! The shots are so candid! My friends invitations are also digital, since we are already bump by the technology, it’s the practical way and as well fastest way to send invites.

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