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INTERIOR DESIGN WITH 3D WALL PANELS Posted on May 30, 201720 Comments

**We received the 3D Wall Panels for installation and review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are honest and belong to us.**


Have you ever heard of 3D Wall Panels? I had not either. Now, I definitely seen textured walls and always wondered how to do that. They are quite a conversation piece and add so much character to a room.  However, I always thought this type of wall covering is very difficult to install.

CSI Wall Panels has a large selection of wall panels for your interior design needs. We received one box which covers 27 a square foot area. The panels are unfinished and will need to be painted. Okay, don’t start freaking out about installation. I had the same fears. I am not a contractor nor do I have any construction experience. Surely the installation would be well beyond my skill set. Wrong!! They have a wonderful installation video on Youtube that gives detailed instructions in language I understood.



Well, when my daughter decided she wanted a modern piece for her head board I thought these 3D wall panels could make a great DIY head board. With a little thought and preparation the wall panels became a beautiful, contemporary wall piece for my daughter’s new room.


We found the installation video on Youtube and understood exactly how to build our wall. The video said to use epoxy adhesive, but we were not sure if this would be a permanent fixture with my daughter going to college in a couple of year. We used 3M double sided tape and it worked perfectly. My husband squared the area that we were to place the 3D wall panels. He then hung them in a 3×3 pattern on the wall that would be directly above my daughter’s bed.



The tiles come unfinished, which means painting them is up to you. My daughter wanted hers a blinding bright white. I painted on the initial coats of paint and let them dry before installation. After my husband attached them to the wall I rolled the entire wall making sure to fill in the gaps between the panels. A roller with a fine surface seems to work the best, especially if you want the surface very smooth.


When the 3D wall panels are hung and painted it is now time to turn it into a headboard. My husband cut pieces of white pine into a frame and nailed it around the squares. Maddie wanted a very sleek look so we went for a simple boarder. However, you could get creative here. You could opt for wood, metal, or plastic framing and the color options are also unlimited.

Overall, the CSI Wall Panels were easy to work with and hang, I think the panels changed the look of my daughter’s room without spending a lot of money. If you are interested in making a headboard of your own or putting the 3D wall panels on an entire wall head over and check them out. You can also find more design ideas on their facebook, pinterest, and twitter.

I think my design project turned out pretty good, especially considering I have very little construction experience. Do you think you would like to work with 3D wall panels one day? What interior design ideas do you have for the panels?





  1. I am LOVING these 3D wall panels! What a great idea and so much more fun and creative than just painting the wall! I am going to look into these more before we redo our bedroom!

  2. Oh wow, this is exactly what I need behind my bed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 3D wall panels like this before. I’ll check them out when I start working on redoing my bedroom.

  3. This is a fantastic look. I have a few ideas where I can use this in my home. It will be a great weekend project.

  4. That looks fabulous! I love how it adds texture to the room. It is great that you can paint it any colour. this makes it so versatile!

  5. I am totally loving this look! I can picture these panels really perking up our entertainment niche and appreciate how easy they are to install.

  6. These are really perfect home decor! I love those wall it looks really classy and unique.

  7. every home should have a little texture I think! that 3d wall panel looks great and it makes me want to get my home improvement ON! thanks for sharing your idea/work : )

  8. Interesting look! Goes well with your black and white color scheme. We have a wall with a lot of cracks that we were thinking of wall papering or paneling. This looks like an idea to consider too.

  9. The baby is super cute. I’ve always wanted this type of headboard situation but I didn’t know it could be done so easy. I was trying to buy a headboard and that was tough to find.

    I’m sold, I’m going to look into this for our master makeover.

  10. Wow, looks so simple, but beautiful at the same time! My father would have loved to work on a project like this, he used to be in construction. I think our bedroom could use some updating, I may be thinking about adopting your project myself!

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