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MOTHER’S DAY BREAKFAST + BERRY SAUCE RECIPE Posted on May 14, 201716 Comments

 Mother’s Day Memories

This will be my 21st time celebrating Mother’s Day with my babies. Well, they are not really babies at 20, 18, and 16. None the less I still enjoy having my kids around me on this special day. I have definitely collected some pretty awesome memories over these years. I can remember so many of these holidays so vividly. It is really crazy how your brain sets aside these precious times and can recall them just like they happened yesterday. I cannot remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I can tell you exactly where we were on my first Mother’s Day weekend.

My First Mother’s Day

We lived in Orlando when Nathaniel was born, but the rest of our family lived in Tampa. No one other than our parents had met our baby boy. My mom and dad wanted to introduce him to his family on Mother’s Day weekend. As new parents do, we over packed our new Chevy Lumina and headed to Tampa. We visited a few family members who were too old to make it to the family get together earlier in the day. Bringing gifts and snuggles from our new baby to great grandmothers and elderly aunts. That evening the rest of our family gathered at The Stone Turtle, a mongolian BBQ that everyone loved, for a Mother’s Day celebration.

Nathaniel is the first great grand on my Dad’s side of the family, so of course my dad was very excited to introduce his new grand baby to the rest of our crew. All of my aunts and uncles from my dads side showed up along with my grandma and grandpa. I remember the tears in my little Papa’s eyes the first time he held Bubba. Every single person brought me a gift to memorialize my first Mother’s Day. I received everything from picture frames, to flowers, to chocolate. I cannot believe this was 20 years ago, told you I could remember it like it was yesterday.

Mother’s Day Breakfast at McDonald’s

As time passed and we went from one to two to three kids, Mother’s Day breakfast became an annual event all my little ones looked forward to. Back in the day McDonald’s used to give every mother accompanied by their kids a free breakfast on Mother’s Day. It was almost comical the first time we went. Nathaniel, accompanied by his two little sisters, announced to the cashier, “This is our mama and she deserves some free pancakes.” They were so proud of themselves to be able to get their mom some breakfast that she did not have to cook. Those were some pretty amazing tasting microwaved pancakes. Let’s face it, with those three smiling faces around the table I would have eaten anything.

Mother’s Day Breakfast with My Mom

When the kids got a little older we decided to move closer to Tampa. This made it a little easier for our families to visit, since we went from and hour and 20 minutes away to a 30 minute drive. One of the best perks was getting to see my mom more often. My kids adore her. So, of course they jumped at the chance to make her breakfast on Mother’s Day. With a little guidance from me they made French toast casserole, bacon, and grits for mom and me. It was so nice to enjoy breakfast with my mom and kiddos on Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day Breakfast This Year

With grown children, Mother’s Day breakfast is not as easy. In fact this year it did not happen in the morning, it did not even happen all at once. I decided it would be breakfast for dinner served to my mom and Nathan’s mom. I whipped up some of my fluffy pancakes that everyone loves. Of course you need some crispy bacon and sunny side eggs. Taylor and I had to pick up a selection of fresh berries the last time we went shopping. That would turn into a delicious sauce for our pancakes. The great grandmas, Taylor, Nathaniel, Nathan, Aksel, and myself gathered around the table for our Mother’s Day breakfast. It was not the same cast of characters around the table, but I definitely enjoyed this Mother’s Day breakfast just as much as years past.

New Mother’s Day Memories

The girls were at work, so our Mother’s Day time will come later. I guess that’s what happens when everyone grows up, but that’s okay I know those girls will find some time for their mom in the next couple of weeks. In fact, Maddie and I are about to hit the town for a little Mother’s Day retail therapy in just a few minutes. A couple weeks ago Becca came in the house with a shopping bag and proclaimed she did not even buy anything for herself because she found something she had to get for me for Mother’s Day. I cannot wait to open it tomorrow.

The girl is one lucky mom for sure. I am blessed with awesome children, grandchildren, mom, and mother-in-law. So, whether this is your first Mother’s Day of like me you are a veteran, I wish each and every mom out there a very happy Mother’s Day.

Four Berry Sauce


1 cup strawberries (cut in half)

1 cup blueberries

1/2 cup raspberries

3/4 cup blackberries

1 cup sugar

1 cup water


In a sauce pan over high heat combine sugar and water. Bring to a boil. Add all berries and bring down the heat to medium high. Allow to simmer for  5 minutes. Remove pan from heat. Place mixture in a blender mix until smooth. Strain mixture through a small screen colander.  Serve warm. Great over pancakes of topping an ice cream sundae. Place all left over in an air tight container and refrigerate.

This sauce would be delicious served over our Berry French Toast. Keep it in mind for your Father’s Day breakfast memories.




  1. Wonderful you could go out and enjoy a great meal. Even better that so many wonderful women could join in the celebration.

  2. I salivated throughout most of this post as that breakfast looks absolutely yummy and sounds like you had a lovely Mother’s Day

  3. What a wonderful recipe to share with your fmaily. It looks absolutely delicious! Hope your day has been fabulous!

  4. I loved reading all about your celebrations through the years! What an incredible set of memories you have with your family!

  5. Such a delicious breakfast and sauce recipe! Would have been perfect for our Mother’s Day brunch today–sad I’m just seeing this now!

  6. What a delicious and special Mother’s Day breakfast treat and idea. I was taken out to dinner for Mother’s Day which was nice. I really don’t celebrate that day much so it was a cool change. You shared beautiful family photos!

  7. Those pancakes are amazing. And the sauce is definitely making me hungry. I can imagine that when your kids get older it’s hard to get everyone together. I miss my extended family when we had all the holidays together. It’s sad it’s not happening any more.

  8. It looks like you all had a wonderful mother’s day breakfast. I will have to make this recipe for this delicious berry sauce. It can be put on so many things. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  9. That sounds like a fantastic mother’s day breakfast. Pancakes pretty much make any day special and that berry sauce sounds fantastic!

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