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MOMMY MONDAY: BABY’S FIRST BIRTHDAY Posted on May 8, 201719 Comments

A baby’s first birthday is a huge deal, and it has to be perfect! My sister had the awesome experience of hosting her daughter’s first birthday party this past weekend. Watching my niece open all of her presents and eat her first cupcake was awesome…and entertaining! I had such a blast, I had to write about my favorite parts!


Okay, so in attempt to lose baby weight, I have been “dieting” the past month. So, when I got the chance to eat a cupcake, let’s just say I did not hesitate. But, my own love of food was not the only part of the dessert that I loved. Watching my niece discover the deliciousness of frosting and shove half the cupcake in her mouth was a memory I will not forget.


Okay, so maybe my love of photography is becoming an addiction. But, I just enjoy taking pictures of everything, and I love my family and babies. That means that a first birthday photo shoot of my niece was my own frosting on the cupcake for me and was an equation for success.


You know how sometimes you enjoy playing with your kids toys when you’re “playing with them?” I really hope so, because otherwise I just admitted something really embarrassing. This made gift-opening even better. I got to see the awesome gifts AND see the happy smiles and excitement on the birthday girl’s face.

Afterwards, I got to see her play with the present we got her: a personalized book from MumaBlue.   I am not bragging about the awesome gift the best aunt in the world gave this little peanut, but the it was a total hit! My sister gets to read her daughter a fairy tale book on unicorns and princesses starring…wait for it…the princess herself.

The book’s colorful and vibrant pictures even show her: blond hair, fair skin, and big, bright blue eyes. In the back, an actual picture of her with a personalized dedication will make this a treasured gift forever.

Watching her play with the book after the party was so cute that I had to take pictures (shocker, right?). Mila and her dad even came up with a game: he shuts the book and she HAD to open it back up. This is such a great way for her to begin her learning journey!


As a mother of a boy and wife to a “manly man,” my life is full of camouflage, guns, and dirt! Leaving my husband at home, it was nice to be around pink and glitter a little bit. From helping put sprinkles on the cupcakes to the seeing all of the pretty balloons, the girlishness helped me recoup my femininity.


It is not often you get the whole family in one place! As chaotic as it can be to have so many friends and family catching up and hanging out together, it is an experience I always love to be apart of. It was good to let Aksel get passed around to different family members and talk to those that live far away.

Parties of all kinds are a necessary fun when life gets so hectic. I cannot wait until Aksel’s first birthday (you know how big its going to be when I am already making plans!)


  1. She is too cute. It looks like she had an awesome first birthday! I love the number 1 made from cupcakes!

  2. Aw, what sweet photos. First birthdays were always low key here, but I’m an introvert so it’s probably my fault! We still had balloons, cake, and presents though.

  3. Yay for baby’s first birthday! It’s been so long since any of my kids turned 1. I miss those milestones.

  4. We always have family birthdays. The cupcakes in shape of a one is very easy to do and great idea. Photos are important. We like the ones where they get to smear the cake while they eat.

  5. What a cutie! First birthdays are definitely special (for the child and he parents!). Those pink cupcakes look so yummy, I’ve always been a fan of birthday cupcakes over birthday cake!

  6. This looks like such an adorable party, love those flower cupcakes and the birthday girl is such a cutie! Hope she had an amazing time.

  7. I love first birthdays! I always tried to make it extra special for each of my children. Now, it is the grandchildren’s turn and I still actively participated in the preparation! Your niece is so adorable! I love her pink tutu. So cute!

  8. She looks so adorable. And it looks like it was such a cute party. I remember my daughter;s first. Her collapsing into her cake after two bites is a thing I will not every forget.

  9. What a cute little princess. A child’s first birthday will be always a remarkable even on her or her life. She looks too pretty and adorable on her photos.

  10. Happy first birthday! The pictures are just lovely and I can tell that everyone had a wonderful time.

  11. I can totally relate about living in a male dominant house. I am already starting to miss all the nice pastel colored stuff – light pink throw pillow covers and towels, powder blue and pale yellow sheets! Oh well. Anyway, I think your gift, the story book is a good one. I will have to check MumaBlue’s personalized books too. I have a little niece who will be celebrating a 2nd birthday soon and I think a book would be a great idea. BTW, your niece is so cute!

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