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**The Georgia Renaissance Festival hosted our family for media day, no other compensation was made. All of the opinions are ours and totally honest**


Hear ye, hear ye, The Georgia Renaissance Festival is holding court on the outskirts of the fair city of Atlanta and would love to invite the Lords and Ladies of the kingdom to attend the grand events. Sorry, I got carried away. I had so much fun wandering through the countryside of medieval England last weekend. I definitely did feel like I was transported into King Arthur’s Kingdom. My family and I enjoyed the costumes, entertainment, food, and characters we encountered on that beautiful Sunday afternoon. This is such a unique attraction. My son just kept saying over and over, “This is so much better than a regular festival.”


Walking through the from gates is like taking a trip through time to 16th century Newcastle, England. The front entrance is a quaint little village, complete with local merchants showcasing their goods. Located in the middle of the town you will find Mother and Father Goose. It only makes sense during this time period you would run into a fairy tale or two.  Around every corner there is a new adventure.

We were able to have a chat with the queen. She is such a delightful and gracious ruler. I am so thankful she did not decide to have my son drawn and quartered when he referred to her as a “wench”!! Later we watched as the queen presided over the kingdom’s tournament. She had to be quite stern with some of the visiting knights. She did a wonderful portrayal of medieval royalty.

While my family was rubbing elbows with the nobility, I found some new friends. I was lucky enough to make friends with a group of mischievous fairies. They are just adorable, dancing through the field without a care. The eldest fairy taught a group of her new friends how to dance like a fairy. After our lesson she placed a bit of fairy dust on each of us to seal our friendship. Too cool!!!!


During your visit to 16th Century England you will be entertained. I can almost guarantee you have never been to a festival with such unique attractions and performers. They have everything from acrobats, to jugglers, to comedians, to a petting zoo, and unbelievably they have rides. There is no shortage of amusement at this festival.


We started the day out at Gypsy Geoff’s Fire Circus. I do not think there is one thing that many cannot balance. At one point he had 5 or 6 items stacked up with a wash tub spinning at the top. There is also fire and lots of laughs all wound up in this show. It is definitely a must see.  Next, we strolled over to watch the Barely Balanced Acrobatic Daredevils. I think I literally held my breath through this whole performance. Just put it this way, lots of acrobatics mixed in with fire and machetes. It is too cool. There is even a contraption known as the Wheel of Death, you just have to see it to believe it.



Of course if you make it to Medieval England you have to go to a joust, right? Yes you do. There is a tournament at the queen’s palace with horses, knights, and jousting. Before the tournament begins the crowd is wowed by some very skilled hose back riders performing mind blowing tricks. Next, it is time for the knights to challenge each other’s skill in the royal tournament. The queen initially say no blood shed, but you know there is always that one bad guy who needs a little blood shed. With that act of betrayal, the crowd is now treated to a joust to the death. (not really, but it is still quite dramatic)


There is so much to see. It will definitely take up your whole day. This festival has some amazing singers and musicians. If you want to make your won music, take a trip to the Giving Tree Drum Circle to beat a drum with your fellow audience members. I did enjoy hanging our with Friar Finnias Finnegan, listening to his silly songs and bad jokes. For example, “Why does the queen forbid the friar to go into the woods? She is scared of FORREST FRIARS!!!! We also enjoyed listening to a group of strolling minstrels play. As they played a group of lords and ladies sang a song and taught some of us festival goers a favorite dance of the times.


My crazy crew definitely enjoyed themselves at The Georgia Renaissance Festival. We did as the queen told us to, “Eat, Drynk, and Make Merriment.” This is truly entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Mark your calendars. The festival will be running every weekend through June 4th. Gates open at 10 AM and close at 6:30 PM. Believe me you will need every moment to enjoy all the Georgia Renaissance Festival has to offer.




  1. What a fun time! I would love to go to a renaissance fair! I went once when I was younger, and I remember it being a blast. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up here in Canada, so we can actually go outside haha

  2. This looks all sorts of wonderful! It reminds me a little of Iowa State University’s Madrigal Dinner. We go every year and it’s so much fun to see everybody dressed in clothes from the Middle Ages. I always look forward to the figgy pudding!

  3. We just had our local renaissance festival. It’s always so eventful with all the attractions and performers. I would like to visit the Georgia one and see how it compares in regards to the acrobats, jugglers, and comedians.

  4. This looks like so much fun! I love anything medieval so I think I would have had a brilliant time. It looks like it was held in the most perfect setting too 🙂

  5. I love the Renaissance fair! It is such an amazing place to be and a great way to escape into another time! I used to go to the Renaissance every year and I even worked at the one here!

  6. The performers and musicians in costume look so amusing and the event is festive. The Wheel of Death sounds interesting but isn’t it a bit scary? I’d like to see a joust in actual.

  7. How neat is this! I was at the same event as you were. I live about twenty minutes away. This is such a cool place to visit. I love how the people dress and the wide variety of things people can do!

  8. I have always wanted to go to a Renaissance festival. We have one that is held every year in August. OMGoodness…I am in love with the Queen’s outfit. I would definitely have to wear some sort of period dress if I attended a fair like this. At least I could put on a pair of fairy wings.

  9. I’m in the UK, and I would love, love, LOVE to visit a festival like this. We never have them and I think they’re amazing! I do have a lovely friend in Georgia – maybe I need to come and stay and try this one for myself! I love your photos!

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