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MOMMY MONDAY: GEORGIA EVENTS FOR NEW MOMS Posted on May 1, 201730 Comments

What a crazy weekend! After a busy week of work and school, we had the awesome opportunity to attend the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo. This event was amazing! Set in the Sheraton Hotel, the  setting was almost as delightful as the amazing people there. We met some passionate, helpful representatives that worked closely with moms to make motherhood a little less difficult.

The Volunteers

From the moment we walked in the doors, there were people there to help. The volunteers for the event, the workers of the hotel, as well as the representatives all made up a team of support for mothers at the event. We felt very welcome and cared for.

The Brands

The Atlanta Baby and Child Expo had a HUGE selection of brands, from Go Go Squeez to Babies R Us to Britax (these were some of our favorites). Each and every brand had something unique to offer to mothers. The brands were of the most well-known of motherhood. And the best part of this: you got to talk to their most educated and influential representatives to answer all of your questions!

Our Turn

Now, some of you may know we are from the Augusta area. We may not be as big as Atlanta, but our city is still full of new and expecting mothers. Some of them may be like me- having endless family support with decades of experience- and some may not. Mothers of all ages and from all backgrounds have questions.

Which diaper company is best?

What do I do if my child chokes?

Where can I find support in my community?

Events like Atlanta Baby and Child Expo are great for mothers with these questions, and that’s why Fantastic Mrs. Mom is teaming with a local church to bring a community baby shower to mothers in our area on the 17th of June. The event will have giveaways, speakers, demonstrations, entertainment and games for kids and lunch. Hours will be from 12pm to 3pm. We are giving away prizes for both mothers and children. We would love for you to join us for this awesome outreach event!


  1. The Atlanta Baby and Child Expo events for new moms sounds great! I wish they had this around when my kids were young.

  2. Baby expos are ah-mazing. I have to be careful, though. The last time I went to a baby expo, my maternal instinct kicked in so hard, I could actually feel myself start to ovulate. I had to get out of there! LOL

  3. We have baby expos around here a couple of times per year. They are excellent events for parents and new parents. I think grandparents could benefit as well to learn the new products and trends!

  4. This is a great event for new Moms. I have a friend that is expecting and we were just talking about looking for something like this in our area.

  5. I’m going to tell another blogger I know who lives by Atlanta. I think this is awesome.

  6. The Atlanta Baby and Child Expo sounds like it was an awesome event for expecting mothers. It is awesome that there are events like this to help other new mom. Kudos to you for the community baby shower you and the church are putting on for mothers in your area. Thanks for sharing these two amazing events for expecting mothers.

  7. That sounds like a lot of fun. I have never attended a baby expo before. I have heard of them though!

  8. New moms need all the support and help they can get! I will share this with my mom friends in Georgia.

  9. This looks pretty amazing and great for new (and first time) moms! I am going to have to share with my friend since she is due in September.

  10. The Atlanta Baby and Child Expo was an unforgettable experience! This is so great!

  11. This is a great event for new mums. I’m not a mum myself but I can imagine it’s a time when you need a lot of support

  12. I live in GA and this is a nice expo. I am not a mom yet but I have plenty of friends who would like this expo

  13. Education and awareness are the cornerstones of helping people, no matter what the issue is. Great job.

  14. I’m going to have to check and see if I have any events in Mpls (seems like there are events for everything and I want in for some of them!) I wish I would’ve attended an event for new moms when I had my first born 8 years ago… that would’ve been helpful and nice to be around other moms in the same boat as me : ) glad you had this exerpeirnce!

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