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PICTURES EVERY WEDDING NEEDS Posted on April 27, 201718 Comments

This past weekend we hosted a wedding for a very special young lady. One of Rebecca’s oldest and dearest friend married her long time boyfriend in a sweet country ceremony. Everyone came together to give her a day she will not forget. Mom made the cake, Granny Wright(Mom’s mom) did the decorations, Grandma Laura (Dad”s Mom) did the corsages and boutonnieres, and dad catered the BBQ dinner. Of course I took on the photography. To say this family has adopted this sweet girl would be an understatement.  Some people just find a way into your heart.

Of course, while weddings are fun, they are a lot of work. The last week everyone had a job they were hurrying to finish: food, music, decorations, invitations, cake. Magical days unfortunately do not happen magically. For me as the photographer, I had to figure out exactly what pictures needed to be taken.

Every wedding has their special characteristics. When I was at the wedding this past weekend, I tried to pick out those quirks and capture those crazy moments. Here are a few ways to capture those special bridal instants!


For the wedding this weekend, the bride could not see herself walking down the aisle without a classy pair of Western boots. A bride’s shoes speak about her, and they should always be captured! An artsy pic with the dress hanging from a tree in the background is the perfect pic for this country girl.


There are several ways to stage rings, on a Bible, on special verses, and the engagement and wedding band set with the bouquet.  For my wedding, my engagement ring with the Ebner family heirloom ring and my bouquet was one of my favorite pictures. The ring is so symbolic of the covenant the couple is entering into on their wedding day.

The Unity Ceremony

There are lots of unity ceremonies. I have seen everything from colored sand to candles to planting a tree (that is what Nathaniel and I did to symbolize our family as it grows). This weekend the couple packed a first year anniversary box which includes a bottle of wine to share while they read the love letters they wrote each other. Of course we want the action during the ceremony, but a beautiful still shot of the objects will be a great way to remember, too. And, this is a shot most others probably wouldn’t have taken.

The Cake

The cakes is such a symbolic object in an American weddings. Whether your cake is extravagant or simple it is very special to the bride. This one is a homemade red velvet cake (the bride’s favorite) with her favorite color as the icing. The fact that mom made it (her first ever) for someone she calls her “adopted daughter” makes it just that much more special. You should not only get the cutting of the cake, but make sure to get a good, clear shot beforehand.

The Setting

The wedding ceremony venue is usually special for the couple, the couple’s church or a family’s house. The bride grew up at this house. She and Becca had played hide and seek, rode ATV’s, and just took many walks through the pine tree filled part of our yard called the “park”.  Along with it being a special place a very special lady lovingly decorated the wedding site. I was able to be early to the wedding to take pictures before people filled the area. This allowed me to get an empty, clear shot of the arch and seats where the couple would soon share their vows. This way, the decor can be seen without heads and people everywhere.

First Kiss

Okay this was not the first, but it was the second. The groom stopped half way down the aisle and pulled his beautiful bride to him for a big smooch. The kiss is a MUST! The first kiss is everything at the wedding, and the bride and groom should always be able to put that in a frame. This is the moment that seals the deal, and it is the most magical part of the whole event.

First Dance

I love this pic. They look so happy.  They are happy that the wedding is over, happy to be a married couple, just happy. The first dance, like the kiss, is symbolic in the unity of the couple.  This is something they will always remember.

I absolutely loved getting pictures of such a memorable event for these two. Pictures for a wedding are so special and a blessing to have. I hope this list will keep you from forgetting to capture those special moments and beautiful parts of that day.


  1. This looks like it was a fun wedding. These are amazing photos they will treasure forever.

  2. What a beautiful wedding and couple. I wish them all of the luck in the world. All of your photos are memorable and really make the wedding that much more special.

  3. I just love all of these ideas. The photos are simply gorgeous. It has been 10 years since my wedding and I am about ready to do it again!

  4. I love these ideas. It reminds me of our wedding day. I still love looking at my photos.

    I think having fun makes the pictures even better. Fun poses, bloopers, ect, make it a day to remember.

  5. What beautiful photos! You can see how much fun everyone had. I love the ring photos, actually I love them all!

  6. Weddings are always beautiful because everyone is just happy and filled with love. I think you captured the important ones and you did an amazing job.

  7. Looks like you hit all the big pictures that sometimes get missed – no one wants regrets from their wedding so the details are important!

  8. After being married for 12 years, I wish we had more candid pictures like these. Maybe we will do something like this for our renewing of the vows.

  9. I agree, those photos are must haves in every wedding. Great photos and that is such a beautiful wedding. Love the simplicity.

  10. I’ll keep these photos in mind off the future if I bump into Mr Right some day… Love the Wedding set up by the trees, it was beautiful : )

  11. The rings and cake is definitely a must. My husband has a photography company so I’ve learned a lot from him about wedding photography, I even helped him with a few.

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