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**Little Italy provided the swimsuit for this post, but no other compensation. However, all opinions are honest and our own.**

Some kids take to the water like a fish. For others, the road to swimming is a little rougher.

Nathaniel has always been a swimmer. His stories of childhood always seemed to involve water: spending time with his grandmother in the pool and family trips to water parks and the beach. In fact, the day he turned 16 he was hired at his first job as a lifeguard.

Maybe its genetics, maybe its great practices, but Aksel loves the water! But, I must say, we have encouraged swimming since he was born. Here are a few ways Nathaniel and I have worked to get this boy in the water:

Bath Time Fun

Aksel has not spent a whole lot of time in an infant bathtub. Thanks to a large tub, baths with Mom and Dad have been more frequent. This has allowed us to make bath time a fun, enjoyable family time. Our little water bug now equates being in the water with laughing and snuggles.

Swimming Lessons

In our times spent in the bathtub, we tried to get Aksel used to water. We started with sprinkling water into his face. Then, we splashed him. Next, we would dunk him under water. Be sure you consult a professional to understand how to do this as well as limitations and safety precautions.

Comfortable Attire

I know that Aksel is usually the happiest naked; he has never been a fan of clothes. But, for a day outside, Mommy and baby found a happy medium: a soft, comfortable swimsuit from Little Italy, made from Peruvian pima cotton. Aksel has worn their clothes when he was a new born and he was always very content and smiley. So, it made sense to turn to Little Italy once again when it was swim season.

This swimsuit didn’t squeeze him too tightly (that is a problem for our chunky man). This suit covered his delicate skin from the sun. It was the perfect combination to keep my son and I happy. Along with comfort my little many looks so stylish in his Little Italy pool attire.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Our little one is a home body. He enjoys the company of his family and close friends. Chaotic surroundings with loud noises can put my little man on edge. There is no way I would take Aksel to the public pool for his first swim time. We have our own pool, but due to house construction grandpa has not had time to prepare it for swim season. Luckily we have a close friend who has a beautiful pool that we were so lucky to use. My little guy’s first swim was very peaceful. Only mommy and baby were in the pool while Granny  were on the sidelines taking pictures and making Aksel smile.

Giveaway Time

Little Italy has provided us with a blanket to giveaway to our readers! This blanket is made of the same luxurious cotton that is soft to the touch and perfect for your little one’s delicate skin! It features hand-painted pink flowers for your little one. Mom and I have also decided to throw in a Welcome Baby Pack, featuring a few items I could not live without.  Enter below to win!

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  1. Both of my boys are self taught swimmers. They get swimming lessons in school, but not until 3rd grade, so that is pretty late for lessons.

  2. Start them off young and I mean like at 6 months. The sooner the better and it makes it easier on them and they learn to quick seems too come naturally to them.

  3. My son also love to swim since the day he was born. I was officially I was a child and I’m pretty sure I gave him the love for water also. It looks like your baby absolutely loves it.

  4. Once my kids got used to the water, they were complete water babies. My parents had a pool so that was great. They taught themselves to swim early that way.

  5. My kids absolutely adore the water! We have a pool and spend every day in the summer in it, so I am glad they like it!

  6. Oh that little man in swimwear looks adorable. Little Italy seems a great brand. Nice idea for gifting too!

  7. My granddaughter loves swimming. She is a real water baby. She always wants to be in or around the water!

  8. Thanks for sharing such a sweet experience. All of baby’s firsts are sweet, but the wonder and excitement you see in baby’s face when interacting with water for the first time is so special. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. It is so important to teach kids how to swim. It looks like you had fun at the lesson. I love to relax in the pool when the weather gets hot.

  10. I wish I had put my son in swimming lessons when he was younger! He loves the water, but he’s not really comfortable in it… and I’m not comfortable being to far away from me while we’re in a pool

  11. That baby blanket looks so cozy and would make the perfect baby shower gift. My boys just love the water and are now doing great in swim lessons–it’s so great to start at a young age!

  12. My kids were water babies too! I never had a problem giving them a bath after they were born and they loved soaking in the tub when they were a little older. The blanket giveaway looks like something I’d like to win. Not that I still have small children, but it would be for the grandkids. Looks really nice and soft!

  13. Your baby’s swimsuit looks really comfortable. My kids love the water! I wish they had swimwear like that when they were still little babies! Anyway, I would help you spread the word about Little Italy. My cousin has a little baby boy and they are planning to take him for his first ever swimming pool experience in the summer.

  14. I think it is important for any parent to familiarize their little ones with the water especially if they have a pool. This Little Italy blanket sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing the babies first swim and the giveaway.

  15. I don’t know yet, but I certainly hope my little one will enjoy pool time. We have a pool, and will definitely start “lessons” early!

  16. My best friend just had her first — and I am really enjoying revisiting my memories of when mine were little. And yes, they loved pool time!

  17. Mine both started swim lessons when they were very young. A friend taught them in her back yard and I think that really helped them learn well.

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