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**We received the experience of the canopy tour, but no other compensation for this post.  All opinions are honest and our own**

Have you ever dreamed of doing something crazy? I know I always marvel at the idea of insane adventures like skydiving, bungee jumping, and zip lining. I just never knew how possible it is to have a crazy adventure close to home. But, it turns out, the southeast has a destination for adventure Highlands Aerial Park. They are the home to an amazing zip line canopy tour. You cannot beat a wild zip line ride through the North Carolina Mountains.

A Trip for Everyone

Our whole family, from Rebecca’s boyfriend who claims no fear of anything to Maddie’s friend who is petrified of heights, zip lining was a blast. In our group of 8, not a person stepped off our last platform without a smile on their face. There may have been a few hesitations and a few shouts as we raced down the line, but this was a family-friendly experience that left everyone ready for the next adventure.

A Bucket List-Worthy Experience

You want the best and biggest? How about a quarter-mile long zip line over the beautiful valleys of North Carolina? This experience is not only grand, but it is beautiful. It is scenic. And, it is intense. I have been zip lining once before on a single line that lasted about 15 seconds. Here, at Highlands, this is not the case. They start you off slow, on a beginner’s course, but after that, it was on. The next 3 lines built with intensity. Then, the big one. This is the one we had all heard about.

As we stepped onto the platform, we could see the line coming from the tree but…where was the end. It was not until one of our guides went down that we were able to pinpoint the tree we were going to. This was the line worth raving about!

The Big One

The big line was crazy and amazing. It is that adrenaline rush that people crave. As you zip through the sky, you see dashing scenes of the mountains and the valley you are flying over. Mountain cabins scatter off in the distances. The sun cuts through the trees. It is stunning. At the first jump, I began questioning why I did this and asked all the other fearful questions: was this actually sane? Is there any way this is safe? At the time, the answers were no and no. Then, when I came out over the valley, I got that intense adrenaline rush I had been waiting for. And the view. There is no other way to view a mountain valley than from a zip line. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the other 7 zip lines were not duds. The very next line was over 800 feet. The last 2 are considered “free style.” Our group tried a variety of moves on these two, including no hands, free falls, and kicking off of the tree.

The Staff

Now, most places I go, I kind of expect that the workers are going to be courteous. A good waiter will usually try to be endearing and make small talk during your dining experience.  But, when you spend 2 1/2 hours with people you have just met, you get to know them a little more than the person handing you coffee at the drive thru. Our guides were amazing. They encouraged us when we got scared, they spooked us when we least expected it, and told us stories that made us laugh until we cried. When you spend hours with people doing something you will remember for the rest of your lives, it is important to spend it with people worth remembering. Our guides definitely fit into that category.

Your Turn!

Some of you may have been zip lining before. Some of you may think it is too much. But, I know some are chomping at the bit to make your next trip to North Carolina for the adventure of a lifetime. Well, this is for all of you. From now until Memorial Day, Highlands Aerial Park is giving our readers 50% off your visit with the promo code FantasticMrsMom. After Memorial Day, the promo code is still worth 20% off! This is a perfect getaway for the family and a great way to get a check off your bucket list. Now is the time to do something you will always remember!




  1. I didn’t realize that such a fun ziplining experience was this close to me. I’d love to zip line over the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Looks like so much fun!

  2. That looks like a blast! I would definitely try that one day. The views looks amazing too which add to more awesomeness. So wonderful to share this with your whole family too.

  3. Zip lining looks like fun but I don’t think I have the courage to do that. My sons love zip lining and they jump at every chance to do so. Sure looks like you all had fun! I will be recommending this place to friends or family who would be traveling to North Carolina.

  4. We love to zip line. The last time we went zip lining was in Costa Rica through the high trees in the rain forest. It is such a great family bonding experience.

  5. This looks like so much fun. MY eldest daughter was just saying that she would love to be able to go ziplining and she would probably drag me along too. Alas, the things dads do…..

  6. How fun! I have always wanted to go ziplining! My niece is now living in the North Carolina! I will have to tell her that we’re going ziplining the next time I’m down there!

  7. I went ziplining when I was in Africa. It was terrifying – there were crocodiles down below! It was definitely a rush- and looks like you had fun!

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