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MOMMY MONDAY: I SEE ME BOOKS+GIVEAWAY Posted on April 3, 201725 Comments

***We were provided a personalized I See Me book in exchange for this review. No other compensation was provided. The opinion are honest and completely ours. ***

This spring had me wondering: what do you put in an Easter basket for a baby? Aksel cannot eat candy. He has everything he could ever need, courtesy of Granny and Papa. What else could I possibly give him?

I began thinking about memories. Our family takes pictures of absolutely everything because we love to cherish the moment. A night out? A pretty cupcake? Pictures will capture the moment, the creation, and the memory. But what is a gift that could create a moment worth cherishing?

I See Me provides customizable books for children.  When I found out about these, I knew this would be the perfect gift for a few different reasons.

The Perfect Gift for Many Reasons

First, it is personal. I was able to write my own dedication inside for Aksel to read someday and know how much we have always loved him. How great for a little one to have a reminder of how much you love them.

Second, it makes it interesting. Reading is the pinnacle of learning, and how cool is it to start with a book written about you? It is such an awesome way to get your little one to want to pick up a book! I cannot wait to hear Aksel read out loud, “A is for Aksel.”

Third, it can teach character and academics. In the book I got Aksel, it uses noble characteristics and ideas to teach kids the alphabet with personalized and colorful pictures that will keep them engaged!

Fourth, it looks good in the basket. Okay, maybe this is not a reason to consider incorporating I See Me into your Easter, but for you picture-fanatic family, this was definitely an added bonus!

Finally, and most importantly, it creates memories. Reading with your little one, even from infancy, is a way to connect and lead your child and to spend time with them. There is nothing like the memory of curling up in bed each night with your child to read with them and such them in. And what better way to start such a tradition than with I See Me books this Easter. I know I am.

Easter baskets can be difficult to put together, but with I See Me, I have definitely put the “wow” factor in Aksel’s first Easter. And I have created a memory and keepsake that will last forever!


How would you like to have an I See Me book for your little one? It would be a great addition to any Easter Basket. The nice people at I See Me have decided to provide Fantastic Mrs. Mom with a personalized book to give away to one of our readers. I know this would make a sweet addition to your little bunny’s basket.

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Congratulations to Heidi Doss, our giveaway winner!!!! We know your little one will love their I See Me personalized book.


  1. I think these are the cutest books ever! I am a sucker for anything personalized anyways, especially with my kids names on it.

  2. Books are always makes a great gift as far as I am concerned. Your pictures of your little one is adorable. Those bunny ears are to cute.

  3. This is such a cute idea for a baby Easter basket. We have been wondering what to put in my granddaughter’s Easter basket this year.

  4. This is such a great idea! I know you would never find a book with your child’s name on it unless it was customized – my daughter would absolutely love to get a book with her own name on it!

  5. I have an uncommon name, so I always appreciated when my mom bought me personalized books. It literally took me 20+ years to find a keychain with ‘Jocelyn’ on it…

  6. We put toys, books, puzzles and arts and crafts in our Easter basket. This would be an amazing surprise for my kiddo.

  7. We have a few I See Me books and my kids love them. We have the princess books and one of the fairy ones. They are so cute!

  8. I like the idea of personalized books. This I See Me books are great because it would really capture the child’s attention if they are the main character in the story! This is a good way to let the learn to love reading.

  9. Your baby is so cute and adorable. Well, about the books, making it personalized would cater what the prospective reader needs to. So basically it will help the kids learn what they need to learn.

  10. We put little toys, books and a movie in our Easter baskets! The candy goes I. The waster eggs we hide areound the house!

  11. It’s my daughter’s first Easter this year. I am putting teether, a book, and some small toys in there. Oh and some cute clothes 🙂

  12. The I See Me books are so great. Personalized books make such a great gift. But your little bunny is just the cutest!

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