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BABY’S FIRST CAMPING TRIP Posted on March 29, 201712 Comments


Last weekend Nathaniel and I decided it was time Aksel went on his first camping trip. We love the outdoors. My husband has loved outdoor sports since he was young. He spent many afternoons with his bow on the 3D target range. Growing up I was a bit of a tom boy. Riding horses and swimming in the Ogeechee River are some of my favorite memories. Hanging out with nature is so relaxing. Our family will be spending a lot of time doing outside activities so it is important our little man become accustomed to outdoor life.

I know a lot of people are saying, “That baby is only six months old, he is going to be miserable.” To be honest with you we were a little concerned Aksel might be a little overwhelmed with a camping trip. However, my husband and I just did not jump into a trip without thinking the best way to introduce our baby to an over night trip of sleeping under the stars. After all, we did not want our baby to have a bad first experience.


After thinking long and hard we came up with a plan to make Aksel’s first camping trip one he would definitely enjoy. It was well worth the extra thought. Our little man could not stop smiling. He loved every minute of his outdoor adventures and we loved spending some quality time as a family. So, I thought we would let you in on our tips to make a first time outdoor over night adventure one that will become an amazing family memory.


There is no way we were going to take our baby on a week or even weekend long trip on the first outing. We decided on a one night trip. We arrived at the lake on Thursday afternoon and were home by Friday early evening. Aksel loves his home, he definitely is a homebody. Nathaniel did not think it would be a good idea to take him out of his element for too long. Our little boy played in the afternoon, napped, enjoyed the evening campfire, and was able to sleep restfully. He woke up and was ready for a morning adventure. By the end of the morning he was ready for a nap so we could pack up and we were on our way home.


I cannot enjoy a camping trip when I am sweating to death or freezing like a popsicle. Of course the same goes for our baby. The day we picked to go the temperature was mild during the day. The night was a little cool, but we were all comfortable dressed in sweat shirts (the adults) or a snugly onsie (Aksel of course).  Our little family slept very restfully in our tent all cuddled up in blankets and enjoying the night air.


Aksel is not a fan of long car trips. We knew it would not set a good tone for our trip if he was already fussy from sitting in his car seat for hours. Our first trip was less that 10 minutes from the house at Hamburg State Park. Our family is lucky enough to live in the country with quick access to many great lakes with camping areas. The state park was a great place for a get away, but close enough to home if we needed something or the baby needed to get back home in a hurry. It was also nice to have Granny and Papa come out to visit Aksel and see him take his first kayak ride.


Camping is a time to introduce your little one to some new activities. Of course we had a camp fire. It is safe to say our little man loves campfire cooking. He just smiled while he helped his daddy get the hot dogs and marshmallows ready to roast. We also decided to take him on his first kayak ride. Our whole family loves kayaking and fishing. It seems that Aksel will love spending time on the water as much as the rest of us. Along with all the new activities, we also brought some of little Bubba’s favorite toys. While Nathaniel and I were sitting in the deck chairs relaxing, Aksel sat on his blankets and played with his toys. We were all winners.

There you have it. This is our simple, yet well thought out plan to make our son an outdoor adventure lover just like his parents. I think it was a pretty good plan, because every one of us had a great and very memorable time. So, don’t be afraid to take you little one on their first camping trip. Let me know how it turns out. We would love to hear all about your adventures too.


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  1. The little one had lots of fun. One of my favorite photos is from my little guy’s first day at the creek.

  2. Awww, I am so glad that he had fun. My parents took my sisters camping when they were little. We were limited a bit on the things that we could do but we all still had fun. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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