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MAKING A SENIOR YEAR FORMAL MEMORABLE Posted on March 28, 201717 Comments


I cannot believe this is Becca’s last formal dance of high school.  It can’t be true. Just a bit ago I was helping her pick out a dress to go to prom her freshman year. Now three proms and two Navy Balls later we are getting ready to say farewell to her high school career.  My little girl has been very busy in the formal dance department. She has gone to prom every year of high school, and has had a great time every year. From her freshman prom of Southern Elegance to her sophomore and junior year Enchanted Forrest (two different high schools), she has not missed an occasion to dress up and dance the night away.  We have had a great time getting ready for each and every formal. Becca has went from fake ponytail to designer gown, but has always rocked her own style.

My beautiful girl is an 18 year old senior who has beautiful style. We will be preparing her for her Navy Ball, her last formal. (her and the BF have decided not to go to prom, too expensive) She had to be gorgeous and elegant since she would be attending with the Commanding Officer (her long time boyfriend). Of course we found her the perfect dress and shoes. I also agreed to get her hair extensions to thicken her hair. She definitely had the look. Thanks so much to our friends at Aqua Salon and Day Spa in Augusta for the great extensions and style. She was absolutely in love with her new look.  How could things get any better? Well, it is not all about what you look like, but who is hanging out with you.  Here are some of the reasons Becca’s last formal was her best formal.


Becca has went to prom with a good friend, a boyfriend she kind of liked, and now most recently her “forever” boyfriend. O course, she was very excited to be escorted to the Navy Ball by someone she considers her best friend. They may look gorgeous, but they are a couple of goof balls that just love to have fun. These two have a good time anytime they are together. So, I know she will have the time of her life with the best date she could ask for.

I told you she was a total goof ball. We told her to throw her head back and smile. This is the pose we ended up with, this girl does not know how to take her self seriously. She is very lucky she found a guy who enjoys her crazy as much as we all do.


We live in a small town where all the kids know each other. Bec has had many friends throughout her school career, but when she got into HS she found a few girls that are her friends for life. Even though Becca does not go to school with any of her besties, she still texts and talks to them just about everyday. Two of her girlfriends, MG and CD, spent the entire day with Becca, helping her get ready for her special night.  From breakfast at Chick Fil A to Starbucks while getting her hair done, it was a total girls day. It is great to know my daughter has friends that love her, craziness and all.


Yes, we are that family. You know the one that is there at every event, camera in hand, cheering on our kids.  One of my son’s friends called us “the party that follows the Ebner kids” Our whole family has been there for Becca from Varsity Cheerleading to NJROTC rifle tournaments and drill to anything she has thought to try out over her four years of high school. I know we sometimes drive our kids crazy, but I also know they would not want it any other way. We are a tight knit extended family and would not dream of missing our girl take her last stroll into a formal event. I would not have missed out on that hug before we left and the dance started. She hugged both my husband and me and told us she appreciated everything we have always done for her.

So, there you have it. The right look and the right people can make for a formal that your teen will not soon forget. I hope everyone enjoys watching your kids strut their stuff at their next formal affair.



  1. I am so glad she has her besties even if they are not in the same school. Having close ties to a few great gals is important. I just have to say that her dress is totally WOW!

  2. I love this, Becca’s outfit is really cute too. I’m that mom and I will be doing the same thing for my kids as they age. I believe in treasuring these moments while they last.

  3. That dress is very beautiful. So pretty!! I love these photos. They’ll be great memories to look back on.

  4. oh how fun! (people always tell guys ‘take her dancing!’) I think those are the memories well cherished and always remembered for both… And even the parents who get to help get their daughters and son’s get ready and take a hundred photos to capture the beauty of the whole experience : ) Love it!

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