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MOMMY MONDAY: KIDLOLAND SMARTPHONE APP Posted on March 21, 201719 Comments

**We were given a subscription to the KidloLand app in exchange for our review. All opinions are ours and completely honest. **

Hey, Taylor here and it is time for another addition of MOMMY MONDAY.  Today I am so excited to share a great app for your smart phone. Aksel is at the age where he is very interested in bright colors and movements. Of course he loves to watch videos on the computer. He especially loves the videos with music and singing. When my cutie pie is grouchy and fussy he can be distracted with a upbeat cartoon video. I have to tell you we have been scouring YouTube to find all kinds of videos appropriate for our little one.

We have been all over the internet looking for new videos to keep Aksel happy and entertained. His Dad and I also like for these videos to have some sort of developmental education: shapes, colors, letters, and rhymes. It can be a bit time consuming keeping his collection interesting. That is why we are so lucky to have been introduced to the KidloLand app. This app has a ton of fun and educational videos.


Aksel is 6 months old, so he has a very short attentions span. The KidloLand app has a lot of nursery rhymes. My little monkey’s favorites include: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Itsy, Bitsy, Spider, Simple Simon, and B-I-N-G-O, just to name a few. The vivid colors and songs in these mini videos keep Aksel happy and smiling. I am a fan of the variety. The same video over and over can get a bit mind numbing for this mom. Oscar the Clumsy Octopus is also one of my little man’s favorites. He giggles when he hears the songs of Oscar’s silly antics.


The app is great now, but it also has features that Aksel will be able to use as he gets older and is learning more about the world around him. There a lot of cute videos that teach little ones numbers, shapes, fruits, letters, animals, and phonics. I will be able to use this app to entertain Aksel right through his toddler years. If he is going to watch videos I love that there is some instructional content added to the fun.


The KidloLand app is available for both iphones and droid operating systems. That means I can use my Samsung phone to keep my baby entertained while we are on the go. However, I love to snuggle up with my little man and watch the videos right along with him. Visit the KidloLand  site to learn more about this wonderful parenting tool to entertain and educate your little one.

Don’t you just love the bright colors and cute songs. If you are interested in downloading the app for your little one you can find it at iOS, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.


  1. That’s pretty cool. It’s never too early to get the kids acclimated to technology, and the fact that this is a smart phone app makes it even easier to put it right were the baby can see it.

  2. How cute is this!? I mean it may be a little too soon for tech lol but truth is WE ALL have our phones out – so why not use them for something GOOD right?!

  3. How cool is this?! I love that the images are super colorful and fun. I’ll have to pass it along to my daughter who just had a baby.

  4. How adorable! I’m expecting my third addition in mid-summer, so I’ll definitely have to keep this app in mind in the future. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Too cute baby! This app sounds fun and exciting! I know someone who has a baby and she will love this.

  6. What a fun and cute app! This would have been great when my girls were younger. I need to share this with some that have younger kids now.

  7. He is adorable. I love that there is apps out there made especially for babies. It is crazy, my youngest was able to operate my phone at a very young age.

  8. Oh my gosh this little guy is just adorable. He looks really into it! I will share it with my friends that are prego!

  9. Your baby is really cute! I should recommend this app to my sister in law she has a baby.

  10. The games were interactive, and Dean and I felt, tailored enough so parents can join in too, sitting beside helping A to learn more phonics, or continuing doing counting.

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