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**Highlands Aerial Park hosted us for an afternoon zip line tour, but all opinions are honest and totally ours.**


“My mom and I are going on a zip line adventure.” And then my family all busted out laughing. “You are scared of heights.” is what my husband scoffed. “Old moms like you don’t do stuff like that.” Maddie managed to say through her laughter. Well, I was not going to let them ruin my adventure. Yes, I am scared of heights and I am no spring chicken, but I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by.


I have to admit when I got the invitation to the Dillard House 100th Birthday Celebration that included a zip line tour, I initially opted out of the zip line event. The tour filled up and was sold out quickly, so I had an excuse for being a chicken. Then an email came in, there are more spots on the zip line tour. I do not know what got a hold of me, but I RSVPed for me and my mom. I then walked next door and announced to my mom, “I booked us to go zip lining.” I figured she would say, “Are you crazy, have you lost your mind?” That was not the response I received at all. She instead said, “I have been wanting to mark that off my bucket list.” Okay, I guess that seals the deal, we are going on a zip line adventure.


I first met the crew from Highlands Aerial Park at the Dillard House lunch. They had a both set up with a video showing the actual zip lines we would be going on. The guides wear go pros and can record amazing footage during the tour. The views were spectacular, but the zip lines were high and looked pretty intense for this chick. I had my doubts, but the staff was so nice and encouraging  I put my fears behind me for now.

After lunch my mom and I took the short drive(about 10 minutes) to the North Carolina mountain where the park was located. My fears were coming back up, but the beautiful views helped keep them tamed. We checked in and met our guides for the afternoon, B and M. They were such sweet people. It was quite obvious our group had no clue what we were doing, but they got us suited up in a snap and ready for the tour.


Our first stop was “school”. They had a ground level line where starting, stopping, and safety was taught. Okay, I got this, let’s do this. Our first zip line went from ground level to a high platform. I managed that one just fine. However, when I climbed up on the step to go to the second platform I felt the fear overcome me and I told everyone I cannot finish this. My fears were getting the best of me.

Our guide, M, asked if I was afraid of heights, I told her I wasn’t so much afraid of heights as falling from them.  M and B are not only guides, but masters of psychology. They were able to calm me fears, reassure me of my safety, and get me to do the next line. We did a few more short distance zip lines and with each one my confidence grew. My mom on the other hand was loving every minute and zipping like a pro.


All the shorter lines were a preparation. For what you say? The Squealing Mare. The squealing mare is a 15550 foot long, 210 foot high zip line through the Appalachian rain forest. I was still a little worried, but I was not going to let my fears keep me from this amazing adventure. M hooked me in and reminded me to turn my head to the left so I would not miss the valley view. And with “Zip On!!” I was off. The exhilaration of the experience combined with the amazing view, there are no words. I made it over the 1550 feet and landed, with B’s assistance. I am so glad I did not chicken out. That is an experience I will not forget.


This was such an amazing experience. I want to share it with all my readers. The kind folks at Highlands Aerial Park have kindly offered my readers a code that will take 50% of the price of their tour. Of my goodness!!! That is a generous offer. Simply use the code FANTASTICMRSMOM when you are making your reservations and you will get the canopy tour for half price. You and your family can experience 8 zip lines (including the Squealing Mare) that span over 44 acres. How much fun is that?!! The World Class Canopy Tour is open for the spring season now. I know I plan on taking my whole crew back to the mountain to watch my bravery up close and personal. Oh, yeah and I know they will have a blast. See you on the mountain, “ZIP ON!!””





  1. I went ziplining before in NZ and omg, I thought I was going to die – hahahahahaha! I don’t like not having control on how fast I go, so I thought I was never going to stop and had a mini panic attack EVERY time we had to glide -haha!

  2. I have always wanted to go zip lining! It looks amazing! Fun for the entire family I am sure

  3. I love zip lining. I keep telling my husband I want to go do this ion Costa Rica. He, however, does not like heights.

  4. This sounds amazing – I’ve wanted to go zip-lining for years and am so ready for an adventure like that! Glad you were able to follow through despite being afraid – and that it turned out to be so worth it.

  5. It’s been a long time since I last tried ziplining! I think it’s awesome and fun as well! It looks like you had a great time out there!

  6. This looks like it was a fantastic adventure. I’ve done a small zip line at my uncles place in the hills but this looks like it would have been a lot more fun.

  7. Omg this is awesome! I would never be able to convince my mom to zip line with me! I’ve done it before and loved it ! Glad you got to experience this with your mom!

  8. Personally i love zipling but at the same time i am scared too. I know it was such an amazing experience for you. After reading the post i am making my mind to do zipling.

  9. I’ve always wanted to do this with my family. My husband took our older boys zip lining at Niagara Falls and it was pretty underwhelming. Lines were terribly long and it was not close enough to the falls to be “zip lining over the falls” as they advertised. This looks awesome!

  10. Love this adventure! My husband went to zipline with one of my daughters, and they absolutely loved it! I don’t think I am this brave myself.

  11. This is fun! And glad you ladies have a blast 🙂 Hope I could try this ziplining adventure too.

  12. I truly love zipline adventures. I freakiest one I ever did was in Austria – from one mountain to another with a massive drop into a raging river below! Freaky but invigorating

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