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MOMMY MONDAY: BOUNCING AROUND Posted on February 22, 201717 Comments

Last month, Aksel’s swing was the first thing that came to mind as a lifesaver. But, children grow fast and I am sad to announce that we had to say bye to the swing this week.

Bubba has gotten so big and active that watching lights was not enough anymore…AND he may have outgrown it. But, we have a new addition to the toy collection that has quickly won my heart.

How many mothers have used a bouncer/saucer before? How many have contemplated buying one? If you are hesitant on whether or not to spend the money, head on out the door right now and get yourself one. You and your little one will be thanking you!

Endless Variations

When we first got our saucer, I thought, “Wow, with all the activities, he will never get bored!” Do not fool yourself, babies can keep you awake 20 hours a day while still getting the sleep they need. My point? Do not underestimate their capabilities. They will get bored with the toys included. But, no need to fear, there is an answer.

In all the videos and pictures of Aksel in his bouncer, there are varied assortments of toys. This is because the saucer has SO many places to hang, stick, and place things. That means stuffed animals and mirrors, teething toys and noise makers can all be put to use. Not to mention, Bubba loves bouncing around in it.

With Bubba just learning to sit up, his movement has been very limited since he has learned to reach and play. In his bouncer, though, he has a full arm extension that has enhanced his ability to reach and explore. Not to mention, he does more squats than I do by lifting himself and dropping all of his weight!

Keeping an Eye

The last big reason I love Bubba’s saucer is the easy mobility. It requires no power and is fairly light, so I can take it anywhere. I have trucked him with me outside, to the kitchen, in the office. He has sat through psychology lectures and cooking lessons in it, and stayed happy for extended periods of time.

Placing the bouncer in the center of the house, I love to stop when walking by and interactively play with him. He is so fascinated in how things make noise or how they taste. I love watching him experience new things and learn so fast. And I especially love having a safe place to put him to do it all!


  1. This is fantastic! So much color and so many activities for the little ones! I love how innovative they are making baby toys these days. It is great to get their minds working as early as possible.

  2. Daww. Bouncing is the best. There is nothing better in this world than watching a little one tear (as best they can) across the floor in their walker.

  3. Your baby is too cute! Wanna give her a hug. Soon, we are also have a baby I’m pregnant yay so exciting

  4. I had one of these bouncers with my youngest son and it was awesome. My son loved bouncing in it and playing with the toys for at least 20 minutes. It was perfect for cooking dinner or getting a bath.

  5. I remember we had one of these and it was really good. Plus when ours outgrew it we sold it on at a good price because they are so popular.

  6. My son had something similar and he just loved it! I wish he was still small so I could watch him play in it. They sure do grow up fast.

  7. That is a cute little saucer. I went with a jumperoo for my daughter since it did a little more. But that one is super cute.

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