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THE DILLARD HOUSE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION Posted on February 12, 201719 Comments


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to The Dillard House. This is a very special birthday. The Dillard House in the beautiful North Georgia mountains is celebrating 100 years in the hospitality business. We all know that it is no small accomplishment for a family business to endure for a centennial. The Dillard House not only has endured, but continues to thrive. This beautiful restaurant and resort tucked in the Rabun Gap is the definition of Southern charm and hospitality.

Of course, they could not let this mile stone go by without a celebration. The Dillard family has paired with many of the surrounding businesses to plan several events to document this amazing accomplishment. I was so excited to be able to attend a kick off Birthday luncheon (after all no one turns down a Dillard House meal) and hear all about the many events planned through out the year.


Come join the O’Dillards as the have paired with the North Georgia Community players to present Finnegan’s Farewell Mystery Dinner Theatre. On March 18th come to say a fond farewell to Patrick James Finnegan as he has passed on into glory. However, his death comes promptly after a Atlantic City Weekend where he has just won 2,5 million dollars and then dropped dead. Join them for a night of Irish dancing, singing and music. And we cannot forget The Dillard House chefs will be preparing a gourmet Irish Dinner. Make it a weekend. The Dillard House has some beautiful rooms with amazing views. Tickets for the appetizers, Irish dinner and show are $4o per person and can be purchased at the Rabun County Chamber of Commerce.


Did you ktow there were over 30 wineries in North Georgia? I had no idea. On March 25th the Diallard House will be hosting one of America’s most sought after wine experts, Laurie Foster, for an evening of wine tastings and a four course dinner. Now, don’t worry Laurie is not a stuffy, self serving sommelier. On the complete contrast, she is a comedian who loves the wine industry and educating folks on the mystery of wine tasting with her own unique down to earth approach.

This event is during the 2017 Wine Highway Weekend. Visit them to find our more about a pass to check out many great wineries in the area including: 12 Spies Vineyard, Stonewall Creek Vineyard, Tiger Mountain Vineyard, Hightower Creek Vineyards, Crane Creek Vineyards, and Habersham Winery. What a fun weekend. The tickets for this evening extravaganza of food, wine, and laughs are $75. They include a wine reception with hors d’ oeuvres, tastings of 4 wines during the comedy show, and 4-course dinner.


This year we will be experiencing the first total solar eclipse of the sin in the continental U.S. in 38 years. And, not since 1918 has there been a U.S. coast to coast path for a total solar eclipse. On August 21, 2017 a total eclipse will shadow a 65-mile-wide path through 14 states beginning in Oregon and exiting the South Carolina Coast. That alone is reason to celebrate. It just so happens Rabun County and The Dillard House  are center line  in the eclipse path. The Dillard family will be celebrating with a BBQ lunch on the lawn.  Make it a weekend and enjoy one of the Solar Eclipse 2 night packages. They include lodging, breakfast, and solar glasses.


Best selling author Mark Kay Andrews will be making the trip to North Georgia for an afternoon of book chit chat, lunch , and junking. Raybun county houses many lost treasures in their thrift stores, flea markets, and junk piles. Along with being an amazing writer who has also just published her first cook book, “Beach House Cookbook”, Mary is also a life long “junker” who claims to know the location of many promising “junkin” shopping sites. Come out for a day of delicious southern cooking, a book signing, and a day of treasure hunting with Mary Kay Andrews. We have already scheduled a girls’ weekend that includes this September 16th event. The cost for the day is $50 and includes a delicious Dillard House lunch, speaker Mary Kay Andrews, copy of “Beach House Cookbook”, book signing, shuttle to Dillard antique stores, and antiquing with Mary Kay Andrews.

If you have not had the opportunity of experiencing the beauty of the North Georgia mountains, now is the perfect time. I have completely fallen in love with The Dillard House. My family is going to enjoy the scenery, great outdoor activities, and the amazing food that wonderful resort offers. My husband and I can rock our grandson in one of the porch rockers. We can rock and enjoy a glass of sweet tea and serenity. All the while my kids are going to have a blast horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and zip lining. It is just the best place for a family getaway. I just want to say thank you to Louise Dillard for including us in her family’s celebration. She is the sweetest soul who loves introducing family to North Georgia and The Dillard House. So, what are you waiting for? Book your getaway today.

The Dillard House hosted us for a lovely Birthday lunch, but all opinions are ours and honest.




  1. Happy 100th Birthday to The Dillard House! It’s been a while since I’ve eaten there. It’s great to see all the neat stuff happening to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

  2. The Dillard House sounds like an awesome place to have an event. How awesome that they have been around all these years.

  3. A mystery dinner theater is always something fun and exciting to attend. I would recommend it to anyone who has never tried it out. Totally worth it.

  4. That looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to explore northern Georgia it is such a pretty area. If I ever get out that way I’ll definitely check out this place. It looks like a great place to go.

  5. 100 years in business is certainly cause for celebration. The Mystery Dinner Theatre sounds fun. We love those. We have traveled through north Ga. many times and never eaten at The Dillard House! Now that I know this year is special, we will have to make that happen!

  6. Wow, that is such an accomplishment! These sound like some awesome events, no wonder they are still around.

  7. Oh wow! Happy 100th Birthday to The Dillard House! Its not usual for a place to be that old! Such really milestone for them! Congratulations!

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