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TECHY TUESDAY: JUST A SWINGIN’ Posted on January 18, 201712 Comments

Hey ya’ll, welcome to my new monthly series: Techy Tuesday. I am going to be talking about some of my favorite gadgets and tools, some extravagant and some not. These tools have helped me along since becoming a new mom. Some may be for my baby boy, Aksel, and some may be for me. But for the most part, what I have learned from my infant, mommy and baby happiness go hand in hand.

My Tool: The Swing

Since Bubba was born, he was very high-maintenance. Most newborns are, I think, but never having one before, their dependency blew my mind. He was always held, always hungry, and always in need of a diaper change.

For the first week and a half, we endured this with the help of numerous family members. Finally, we got smart and went to our favorite baby store to recruit some help. What did we come home with you ask?

Bubba’s first swing. Now, this did not always fix every problem; but it sure has brought me many hours in the past 3 months. These hours allowed me to do laundry, dishes, and, more than anything, schoolwork. Bubba loves to stare at the mirror and lights moving above him. In more recent times, he likes to sit up the seat so he can watch VeggieTales on the TV.

In addition to the mirror and lights, the top has an auxiliary┬ácord with a place to put your phone like a screen at the top. This allows me to put on some of Aksel’s favorite ABC songs from YouTube and let him watch the videos while swinging.


When deciding to do this series, I did not even have to debate what techy tool to tell you about. Out of all of his toys and my gadgets, this has helped me the most. This Techy Tuesday tool is a definite must!


  1. We had a small travel swing when my son was a baby, and it was a lifesaver! Every baby born to family or friends since him have used it. I loan it out pretty regularly haha!

  2. Awe he is so cute. I do not know what we would have done without our baby swing. I would recommend one to all new Moms.

  3. Swings always help us to get some time as little kids need something to engage them. I am thankful, I have them, else it would be too much hectic for me to handle households and kid.

  4. Oh my goodness, the SWING! It was a true lifesaver when my daughter was little. Confession and perhaps parenting fail … there were times when my daughter wouldn’t sleep unless she was in her swing. Such a fantastic tool and one that every parent desperately needs.

  5. My mom used to run a day care out of our home, so I knew about the swing. When I found out I was pregnant, it was our first big purchase. I don’t care about any other item – I better get that swing!

  6. Aksel is cute beyond words. When Sid was a baby, he loved swinging too. Love the new series, and looking forward to more.

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