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BABY PHOTO SHOOT TIPS WITH LITTLE ITALY LAYETTE Posted on December 21, 201618 Comments

I love to take pictures of my little man. He is growing so fast these days and I want to remember every moment. Ever since I have joined the Ebner clan, I can definitely say my memorable moments have been well documented. To say that Dad Ebner loves his time behind the camera would be an under statement. Everyone moans a little when he pulls out the camera, but they are all quite lucky to have the amazing photo memories he captures.

I am determined to make sure my little man’s life is a series of beautiful pictures. At the end of the day that is all we have, memories. Nathaniel and I are already on the right track. Of course dad was at the hospital when Aksel was born, so there are a pile of pics of his first few moments. We made sure to purchase the professional pics that were taken at the hospital. Since the day our little man entered the world we have made sure to capture as many sleeping moments, smiles, and even a few pursed pouting lip shots.


Now, not every picture I take is scrapbook quality. I do take a fair amount of delete worthy pics. However, I am learning from my mistakes. After a few disaster photo shoots, I now am equipped with a few valuable pieces of info to keep me from pulling my hair out. It is no fun to set up the wrong direction for lighting while Aksel is screaming his lungs out. So, this is the deal. I am passing on my knowledge to you. Here are a few of my tricks for the picture perfect baby moments.



Lighting is the key to a beautiful picture. Having your light source in the wrong position can completely ruin an otherwise perfect photo. We take a lot of outdoor pics and the sun can be a great lighting element in the right amount at the right angle. Actually, the most perfect lighting for a photo shoot is an overcast day. You can get beautiful pics in the bright sun, but you need to have a sun shade/hood on the lens of your camera.


Aksel is a morning person. He smiles at everything right after he wakes up. My little man is the perfect baby model in the AM. He hams it up very well. However, in the afternoon, right before lunch, he is not a happy camper. Our baby boy is fighting sleep and a screaming monster. I would never intentionally schedule picture time at that time of the day. Always plan to take your pics during your baby’s happy time.


You may be tempted to put your little one on a pretty blanket and take pics while standing. These can be great, but also may seem like a giant looming over the little baby. I love getting down at eye level with Aksel. I seem to get the best smiles from him. He interacts with grins and cute baby noises. Now that he is doing so well at holding his little head up as he lays on his tummy, I can get some pretty amazing shots.


Babies do not dress to impress, they only care about comfort. Of course I love for my little guy to look adorable, but the best photos come when he is in a soft comfortable outfit. We have been lucky enough to find a company that gives us the best of both worlds. Little Italy Layette has very fashionable choices made with Peruvian Pima cotton. I wish they made adult clothes. I have never felt a softer fabric. The fabric is soft, but is also very stretchable. This is very important to keep my little wiggle worm cozy and content. Little Italy’s baby blue Livorno Romper is not only pleasant for Aksel, but I think this is a classic baby boy look.

I hope these tips help elevate your baby photo taking skills. Make the most of picture time and get that pic that will bring a smile to your face years from now.




  1. My brother just had his first about 2 weeks ago, so I will tell him about this. I think they are doing a photo shoot in January.

  2. The romper looks nice and soft, perfect for baby’s delicate skin. The photo shoot tips are worth taking note of. I have a one year old grandson who rarely smiles when he sees a camera pointed towards him. I’ll try some of the tips you mentioned. Maybe we’ll get him to give us that precious 7-toothed smile.

  3. It is so hard to get photos of my eight month old granddaughter sometimes. I will have to keep all of these tips in mind.

  4. These are such great tips! Photographing babies can be challenging, but if you have the right tools and right amount of help – it’s worth it because the pictures and memories last forever!

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