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All of you know I am a new mom. I delivered my sweet Aksel a little over two months ago. Of course, during my pregnancy I limited my caffeine intake. My coffee fix was mainly in the form of a frappe or iced coffee. Before I got pregnant, I might have drank a cup on a morning when I was really dragging. I really would not call myself a coffee addict.

In fact, I could not relate to my in-laws who could not start a morning without their cup of coffee. Most mornings you will hear my mother-in-law grumble, “Give up the coffee and no one gets hurt.” She tells me this addiction started after the birth of her first child, my husband. Apparently, Nathaniel was a bit high maintenance, and had very little respect for his parents’ sleep habits. As you can imagine, coffee became a morning staple in the Ebner house hold.

Now, fast forward 19 years, and this family truly are coffee authorities, aka addicts. They told me I would understand the need for caffeine after I had a baby of my own. Guess what? After two months of dealing with my little sleep terrorist, I am now a card carrying member of their coffee club. Aksel seems to have inherited his father’s disregard for sleeping patterns.


Since I am nursing, per my OB’s advice, I am limiting my caffeine intake to eight ounces a day. But I have to admit my one cup is full of  sugar and cream, lots of sugar and cream. Oh yeah, this is where I differ from the rest of the Ebner coffee crew. They enjoy the taste of coffee, I have not quite made it there yet. I need a little bit of a sweet creamy consistency to enjoy my coffee experience.

When Mom told me would have the chance to try out Bulletproof Coffee I was all like, “Cool, I know y’all will love it.” She told me, “No, you will love it.” I had no idea it was a whole system to increase energy without sugar. Very interesting, for sure. I even took a look at their web site. Brain Octane????!!!! Okay I need to know more.  Bulletproof Coffee is an Upgraded Coffee blended with grass-fed unsalted butter & Brain Octane Oil. Bulletproof Coffee is low toxin, high performance & full of healthy fats to fuel you. Bulletproof has my attention, and I am ready for some healthy energy. I am a new mom who is right in the middle of my freshman year of college. Needless to say, this chick is definitely in need of a little brain boost.


Saturday morning rolled around, our designated trial kick off, and I woke up to the amazing smell of fresh brewed coffee. I followed my nose to the kitchen where Mom had made me a cup of coffee just as the Bulletproof blog suggested. She had added a tsp of brain octane and a tsp of grass fed ghee, and then used her little electric whisk to foam up the ghee, which is basically butter. Don’t look at me like that, yeah I said I am drinking butter in my coffee and boy, is it smooth.

I could definitely feel a little more pep in my step. Which really came in handy that weekend. I never imagined how many jobs a new wife/mom would inherit this holiday season. Not only do I have the stress of studying for finals and finishing up my last assignments of the semester, but there is also shopping, decorating, wrapping, baking, and so much extra cleaning. I want everything to be just perfect for my first Christmas with my new little family.


It was great having extra energy this week. After seven days of the Bulletproof Coffee system, I see a change in my energy level. I am so ready for my exams, definitely feeling the focus. My energy level has been amazing. I am wrapping presents, cleaning the house, and baking cookies like a pro. Nathaniel and I even have time for a Christmas photo shoot with Aksel. And did I mention, the coffee is very tasty. Everyone in the house loved the taste of the coffee.  Whether they were using the octane and the ghee or just enjoying a cup of coffee, general consensus was delicious.


Now I am not one of those college students who is easily mesmerized by a company advertising themselves as a green-good-for-the-hipster-in -you kind of companies. I will tell you now Bulletproof Nutrition is definitely committed to it’s customers making informed healthy choices. Our whole family is trying to get in shape, but we are not calorie counters. Bulletproof has a road map to a wonderful eating plan, you notice I stay away from the word diet, because they do not work. Their coffee is just one product to help you improve your well being, maintain a healthy weight, and just be a better you.

I am so happy we had the opportunity to check out Bulletproof Coffee and become more educated on the whole Bulletproof philosophy of clean living. So, I definitely will be joining the community who is in the loop and choosing to upgrade their lives. What are you waiting for? Order your Bulletproof Coffee today and get ready to #elevatetheseason Starter kits are a cool way to test out Bulletproof Coffee & see if it is for you – get yours at BulletProof Coffee.

We were provided product and compensation for our review, but all opinions are ours and honest.



  1. My husband thinks that he’s the coffee connoisseur! I should buy this for him for Christmas and see if I need to add this one to is this permanently LOL I am betting he will like it.

  2. Congratulations on your new addition! We’re welcoming our baby boy next month. Bulletproof coffee would be very interesting for my husband and I. I will definitely check it out!

  3. Bulletproof sounds a good coffee! I’ll have to try it I’ve heard a lot about it from my friends.

  4. I’ve heard a lot about this coffee lately. Sounds like it’s really good if everyone is talking about it. I’m not the biggest coffee fan, but I enjoy some coffee drinks.

  5. I LOVE trying new coffee brands and flavors! This looks delicious – I’ve never heard of Bullet Proof so I’ll have to try this one!

  6. I love Bullet Proof coffee! They have some really awesome products. Trying new coffee flavors is the best! Can’t wait to have my coffee tonight, haha!

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