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DOLLYWOOD: OUR CHRISTMAS TRAVELS Posted on November 25, 201628 Comments


Dollywood: Smoky Mountain Christmas provided us with entrance to the park, but all opinions are honest and ours. #hosted

The magic of Christmas is undeniable: lights, trees, elves, hot chocolate. Families come together in a joyful celebration. The house smells of cinnamon and spices. Grandma makes her famous cookies. These are just a few of the reasons that Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. To say the least, when I had to opportunity to go to Dollywood for the first time during the Christmas season, I could not wait! The music, crafts, and food create a magical Christmas experience. Even my Halloween-fanatic husband found himself in the joyous holiday mood.



The wooded culture of Tennessee is home to beautiful live bluegrass, and Dollywood is no exception. Coming up on an outdoor auditorium, we came across full bands as well as solo acts playing the sweet tunes of the banjo, stand up base, guitar, and mandolin. The upbeat music had the crowd stomping their feet and cheering, and had Nathaniel and I wanting to get up and dance.


Walking down the street, we came across a banjo player engaging with visitors walking down the street. We stayed for a few minutes to watch him as he danced around, never missing a note. He was so entertaining I had to get a picture while he, all the while, kept playing his banjo.


If these musicians do not get you excited, the melodies of Christmas carols probably do! As the sun goes down and the lights come on, Christmas carolers come out to perform. Their sweet voices were truly magical!


If you can think of a craft that takes talent and skill, there is a place for it at Dollywood! Nathaniel and I loved walking throughout the shops, each with its own specialty. You could watch professionals blow glass, form pottery, or blacksmith. The workers there create works of art for all styles and tastes.


Nathaniel and I loved looking at the blown glass products made right there in Dollywood! We were able to get a beautiful blown glass rose for his mom; she ended up loving it! And it went well in the China cabinet.


The wood carving shop was perfect to find a gift for our dads! Nathaniel’s dad got a plaque stating “Best Grandpa Ever” and my dad got an engraved multipurpose tool.


The handmade candles were beautiful and smelled great! The scents ranged from moonshine to hope, the designs ranging from ice cream sundaes to gorgeous Christmas styles. These stood as great gifts for grandmas.



Amusement parks are infamous for their expensive, greasy foods. I always leave them hungry, and usually with a tummy ache. This is not the case in Dollywood. Guests can watch the food being made on woks, ovens, and stoves. The food is real, and delicious! Our favorite foods were the giant piece of pizza and the homemade chips. The preparation of both is open for observation and so great to watch.


Dollywood is by far our favorite amusement park. The rides, the dashing lights, and the kind, helpful staff are definitely part of the reason we will be returning to the park over and over. The whole park was an adventure with gorgeous scenery, sights, and rides. Truly, Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas is a magical and joyous place that we are looking forward to returning to!


  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Tennessee (I have a friend who’s family is from Nashville and they LOVE it there!). Dollywood seems like such a fun amusement park.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I’ve never been to Dollywood for the holidays, but I love the down home, friendly atmosphere of the park, so I’m sure it’s amazing.

  3. Dollywood is on the places to visit and hopefully soon. Christmas would be an awesome time to visit. Love music, handcrafted items and of course all the great tasting food.

  4. love that glass vase (just thought I’d start with that!) I would love to go experience all that you’ve shared of Tenn some day! thanks for making me aware of this great place : )

  5. I have never been there before and I’ve always wanted to go. Dollywood looks like just a fun place to check out any time a year.

  6. I love Christmas too – everything about it! I’m up for any excuse to get in the festive mood. I’d love to go to Dollywood and it sounds as though Christmas would be a super time to go. I love those candles too, but they are way too nice to burn 🙂

  7. I have always wanted to visit Dollywood. It looks so much like it’s a hometown festival. Everyone is always enjoying all the fun. Thanks for letting us take a peek inside.

  8. oh how fun. I would LOVE to visit some day. I think it would be lots of fun, especially around the holidays seeing all your photos!

  9. What a fun place to go with the family. Would love to visit this time of year there for Christmas.

  10. Everyone says that Dollywood is wonderful and that the Smokey Mountains are a must see! I think I’ll have to try and lug my family over there someday!

  11. I have never gone but hope to one day. Dolly has made the news recently for supporting those who lost their homes recently, and I would love to support that!

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