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HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS: HAVE YOU BEEN BOO-ED? Posted on October 30, 201615 Comments


I have seen the boo phenomenon all over the internet. “You’ve been boo -ed!!” posts are popping up everywhere. I have seen so many cute ideas on pinterest for the perfect treat basket for a neighborly surprise.  I love the little cards encouraging the recipient to pay it forward and post the flyer that they themselves have already been “boo -ed”. This all seems wonderful if you live in a cute little subdivided neighborhood.



However, we live in the country on over 100 acres. Our closest neighbors are a good half a mile away. In fact, we only have two other families that are close enough that we can consider neighbors. That is not going to keep us from the fun. But, I think I will change up the tradition just a little. Instead of leaving a card about being boo-ed we are going to simply leave the basket of goodies on the front porch. That way our neighbors will have to call and see who was the secret great pumpkin.

Boo Basket Fun



So, last Friday I headed to our favorite store, Dollar General, and loaded up on Halloween baskets and all the goodies I knew each neighbor would appreciate. We have lived beside each other for a few years. That means I pretty much know what each family would enjoy in a treat basket. Taylor and I were so excited to make our friends smile when they saw their boo basket.

The family across the street is a young married couple with one little girl and a sweet little one on the way.  Their basket had chocolates, stickers, a glow in the dark wand, Halloween socks, and baked goods. My friends down the street are a retired couple with grandchildren that visit frequently. I put candy and baked goods in their basket, but I also included a candle and a cute little fall decorating sign.

Boo Basket Fun

With both our baskets put together Taylor and I loaded up the golf cart with one of our dogs (Mocha loves to ride) and Aksel (this was his first neighborhood golf cart ride) Down the street we went to deliver our goodies. We left each basket on the door step just waiting to be discovered.



It worked just as I planned. Saturday morning I got a FB message from my neighbor down the street, “Did we miss a visit?”  I told her she had been boo-ed and we just wanted her to know how much we loved and appreciated we have awesome neighbors.  We have not heard from our across the street friends yet, but I am sure we will see them at our town Halloween party. Besides, we did not do this for a thank you. Making people happy is more important than recognition.


Have you boo -ed anyone yet this Halloween season?


  1. This is such a cute idea. Friends of mine do it and this year they themselves have gotten boo-ed twice! It’s such a fun thing to do.

  2. I have not been booed and have never booed anyone. I have also noticed that trend online but I don’t remember ever hearing about it before now. Seems like fun!

  3. that a great tradition… my kids and I love scaring each other on Halloween, my son is an expert on the matter! thanks for sharing this : )

  4. I have never heard of being “boo’d” until last year and I’ve never seen it done locally, just on the internet. I’m not much into it. We have so many other Halloween activities and parties to volunteer and participate, and we don’t really know any of our neighbors.

  5. I made one of these for my neighbor this year. It was so fun to see her face light up when she saw it.

  6. I haven’t heard or seen anything about this but it sounds like a really great idea! What fun that would be to receive and do.

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