I love Halloween. It is one of the reasons I love Fall. When my kids were little a they loved searching for the perfect costume, trick or treating, Halloween parties, hay rides, block parties, pumpkin carving, and any other activity related to this wonderful Fall holiday. The kids are getting older and do not participate in all of these activities any longer, but my love for Halloween is still strong.



Just because I do not have young children of my own, does not mean I am completely denied of my Halloween prep fun. We have some friends at church who have little ones. We love these families, their kids are the smartest, sweetest, and most adorable little ones outside our very own. Their mom are so gracious to let me spoil them from time to time. I got it in my head to make some personalized trick-or-treat buckets for the girls. I used to love making these for my girls.



I wanted to make buckets for all three of these adorable little girls. In order to stretch my budget I would need to make a trip to my favorite discount store, Dollar General. Dollar General also known as DG, Dollar Genteral, or the Glascock County Mall (I told you we live in a small town) is not a likely place to find craft supplies right? I beg to differ. There are tons of things you can use for craft projects at Dollar General Store. In fact, I was able to find buckets, glitter, stickers, garland, and even a hot glue gun for my Halloween craft project.



The great thing about my trick-or-treat craft is it is a free for all. There are no directions. All you have to do is get your craft supplies together and then decorate. It is truly that easy. My craft supplies usually include:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glitter
  • Stickers
  • Markers
  • Ribbon
  • Stencils
  • Halloween Garland
  • Plastic Spider Rings

I like to use the stencils, markers, glitter, and hot glue gun to personalize the buckets. Girls love to see their name in glitter. I bought glittery stickers to match the glittered names and highlighted jack-o-lantern features on the bucket. Garland is a perfect touch to glam up this treat holder. Attach it with a little hot glue. If you cut off the ring part the spiders become the perfect decoration. Once again you can attach them with your handy dandy glue gun. I love making bows with sparkly ribbon. Check out this easy bow tutorial to direct you through ribbon bows. As you can see, I love to use my plastic spiders everywhere including in the center of my bows.


I am definitely no Martha Stewart. Being crafty is not one of the skills on my resume. Point being, if I can do it any one can. Crafting a trick-or-treat bucket for your little one can be just the thing to put you in the holiday mood. Happy decorating!!!!!


  1. What a great way to customize a trick-or-treat bucket. I love the garland around the top. It’s the perfect bucket to collect all the Halloween treats.

  2. I love the Dollar Store for my craft projects. This cute little basket would be perfect to make for the kiddos this Halloween!

  3. This is a great Halloween basket craft idea I love this Halloween idea for the kids and getting all the items from Dollar General makes it better. Dollar General does have great price is one of my favorite stores.

  4. I thought you did an awesome job making those baskets! They turned out great and perfect for Halloween. I still have a little one who is very much into the season and it’s nice to do all the preparations with the costume and all!

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