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GRANDMA’S PUPPY MILL ANGEL Posted on September 30, 201626 Comments


There are over 10,000 puppy mills throughout America right now, holding almost 170,000 dogs that are primarily used for the purpose of breeding. These dogs are kept in horrendous conditions with very little care for their health or well-being. Owners of puppy mills only have their eye out for a profit as opposed to caring for these innocent animals. As a part of Puppy Mill Awareness Day, I am going to share the inspiring story of a young dog that was rescued from one of these terrible places.



About a year ago, Nathan’s mom, Grandma Laura,  decided it was time for her to adopt a dog of her own. You have to understand something about our grandmother, she is and always has been a caretaker. I mean, she is in her element when she is taking care of somebody. All her life she had wanted to take care of the people in her life, from her four children to her six grandchildren to the patients she used to take care of in her role as a nurse aide.



So, as you can imagine when it came to finding a new fur baby she gravitated toward the underdog. (excuse my gratuitous pun) of course, we knew she would never think of buying a pet, not when thousands of dogs who need a loving forever home. Grandma Laura spent hours searching the internet for that special baby who needed to find a caring family.


Grandma Laura frequents multiple rescue group sites.  If she was going to find a fur baby in need of love it would definitely be here. That is exactly what happened. She saw a story of a little Maltese female pup who had been violently abused by her puppy mill owner. This little pup had been confined to a small cage and bred multiple times. She made the mistake of nipping at her owner who was trying to take away her new liter of pups. Consequently, he punished her by crushing her jaw. She needed surgery to reconstruct her jaw. Unfortunately, three rods had to be placed and multiple teeth reinserted.


To say the least, this little lady had lived a tough life. However, that was about to change. We all knew this was the one that Grandma Laura needed. The little puppy dog that would complete her home. The little white timed fuzz ball came to live with our grandmother soon after she was seen on the computer. The rescue lady said her name was Fiona, and Fiona it would stay. It took some time for the little dog to adjust to her new home, but eventually she took her place as the queen of the castle. She has an adorable crooked smile and scraggly teeth, but other than that she has left her old life behind.


So, needless to say Fiona has found her forever home and Grandma Laura her little one to spoil. I hope we can shed some light on the puppy mill industry and the amount of rescue dogs who need a loving family. If you are on a quest for a fur baby of your own, check out AllPaws. They are a rescue group with over 200,000 sweet pups in need of adoption.



  1. That is an absolutely wonderful story. I am so happy Miss Fiona has found her furever home surrounded with love. Every animal deserves to be loved and cared for. They give us so much in return.

  2. Fiona is so cute! Puppy mills are horrible places. The worst part is that sometimes, you don’t realize that it’s a puppy mill! I had a friend who got a dog from a private breeder. The dogs in the home looked clean and well-cared for. What we found out later is that in the back barn, it wasn’t so nice. =(

  3. What an adorable dog! I hope to have a dog someday. My husband and I bought a house a few weeks ago, and we’re still fixing it up before moving in. I’d love to get a dog for our new home!

  4. I found all three of my pets at the local animal shelter. I think it is so important to try to rescue an animal instead of supporting a pet store or puppy mill.

  5. This is a sweet story. Puppy mills are the worst. I adopted our oldest dog from the pound. They said that she was found in a box on the side of the road. She has been with us for 8 years, she is getting old.

    Then we got our Yorkie mix for free from a friend of a friend. He is spoiled rotten too.

  6. Wow your dog is beautiful. I’ve never heard about puppy mills until now and I find it really disgusting. Thanks for sharing and spreading awareness on this matter.

  7. That’s so wonderful that you rescued Fiona! All of our animals are rescues. It makes me so sad to see animals abused like Fiona was before she came into your family.

  8. We have a rescue dog as well. Her pregnant mom was brought up to a local shelter from Tennessee so she was born in the shelter with her 7 brothers and sisters. I agree that adopting puppies in need is so important.

  9. Fiona’s story is so sad – but with a VERY happy ending, thankfully! I despise puppy mills – I can’t believe that they are allowed to do business anymore.

  10. cute little dog there! I really want a dog soon, maybe in the springtime! I’ll keep this info in mind, thanks for sharing this : )

  11. What a great story, love hearing some good coming out of disgusting puppy mills. i can’t even think about them to be honest with you…. more awareness needs to be brought to this thats for sure!

  12. Puppy mills are truly gross. We have rescued all our animals. I would certainly do what I could to save more!

  13. It is just heartbreaking – I have never paid for a dog – and have had such blessings from the wonderful rescue and gifted pups…I did check out the site, and it brings tears to my eyes – I’ll be looking for another Kerry Blue Terrier rescue soon – as our wonderful friend passed on in July this year.

    What a beautiful story of love.

  14. Awwwwwww so glad this pup now has a wonderful home!!! It breaks my heart hearing about things like puppy mills since I’m a total animal lover

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