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READ ME A STORY, PLEASE Posted on September 6, 201618 Comments

Today is National Read A Book Day. I have a house full of readers. My son has blown through books ever since I can remember. He started out with The Magic Tree House Series and graduated to The Chronicles of Narnia. In his later teen years he became a major fan of Ray Bradbury, specifically the Martian Chronicles and The Rocket Man.


Both my girls had declared themselves non-readers until a couple summers ago when my sister-in-law paid them to read for a blog post for a summer reading program. They found the I Am Number 4 series and fell in love with teen science fiction novels. It is a good thing they fell in love with reading because they both are in AP English and spend most of their time reading things like Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales and The Scarlet Letter.


My husband and I  are also avid readers. He grew up in the scifi realm reading The Dragon Riders of Pern Series. He tried for years to get me to read books by Andre Norton and Timothy Zahn .  I would not hear of it. Fantasy is not my thing. In my late teen years I discovered Stephen King. I must have read Misery 10 times. I still love a good gruesome suspense story.


So, I am hoping we can pass on a love of reading to our grandchild just as we did to our kids. It all started somewhere, right? All of my kids loved story time. Each one had a favorite book. There was always that one story they begged me to read to them every night. Taylor and I wanted to make sure each and every one of the beloved story books are available for Aksel. Here is where the fun begins, I went down memory lane with each of the kids as well as my husband to remember each and every treasured tale.

Nathaniel’s Favorite Read


I think I had a little influence when it came to his pick. I have always loved Maurice Sendak, and his beautiful animation and imaginative stories. My all time favorite is Where The Wild Things Are. I must have read this book to Nathaniel 100 times when he was a toddler. Nathaniel was my wild little Max who ran off to have adventures with the Wild Things who “roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws..” I still have the very same book I read to Nathaniel when he was a little guy.

Becca and Maddie’s Picks


My girls are only 15 months apart, so I spent a lot of time reading to both of them at the same time. For that time their picks are very similar. Bec is a Pat The Bunny fan. She loved the interaction of actually touching things in the book. Maddie is a Good Night Moon girl. She loved the sweet rhythm of the words. Both girls would often repeat me when I started to read the Good Night parts of the story. I love all of these sweet memories.

Taylor’s Choice


Taylor told me she loved to have her mom read to her too. Her favorite story is also one of my children’s favorites as well. The Poky Little Puppy was near and dear to her heart. Janette Sebring Lowrey’s tales of the little puppies are so heart warming. Nathaniel and Taylor went out and bought a collection of Little Golden Books that included The Poky Little Puppy.

The Grandparents’  Picks


My husband is a Dr. Seuss fan. He always said I know it’s cliche, but I love reading the kids Green Eggs and Ham. To carry on the poetic theme my pick would have to be anything by Shel Silverstein. Runny Babbit, Falling Up, and Where the Sidewalk Ends were definitely a few of my favorites. Nathaniel took a liking to Silverstein in his younger years as well. The very first book he bought for baby Aksel was The Giving Tree. 


I am so excited for our sweet boy’s arrival. What a moment it will be the first time my son reads his favorite book to his son. One thing is for sure, the little man will have quite a few willing story time readers.







18 thoughts on “READ ME A STORY, PLEASE

  1. I am also an avid reader! I’ve been reading since childhood and actually just published my own book recently. One of my favorite books was Where the Wild Ones are! When I was pregnant, I would read Dr. Suess Oh baby, the places you’ll go! to my belly lol. She would kick and roll around when she heard my voice reading to her 🙂

  2. I love to read. I can’t get enough and have been this way since I was little. Thankfully all of my girls have picked up my love of reading.

  3. I always loved Where the Wild Things Are and The Poky Little Puppy. They are such classic children’s books!

  4. I love the Martian Chronicle! We had to read the first book in a literature class I took a few years back and it was so wonderful!

  5. These books are so nostalgic to us, try to let your kids read The Little Prince too, it is my personal favourite and has so much lessons embedded in it. 🙂

  6. I love that they have a National Read A Book Day. It is so important to read to children in my opinion so they will enjoy reading throughout their life. My boys loved Clifford and the loved reading the Goosebump stories too when they were teens.

  7. We read every single night. I love it, its something I cherish so much as a mom hanging out with my kids having some quiet reading time!! We have yet to check out where the wild things are though! My kids have their favourites and we always read them, I think its time for some new picks!

  8. I just got back into reading and missed it soo much. I’m really glad that my kids love to read too. These are some great titles.

  9. I have always loved to read since as far back as I can remember. Now I am passing that love along to my nieces. I tried with my son but he has never really loved to read.

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