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THE CHRONICLES OF PREGNANCY: WEEK 36 Posted on September 5, 201619 Comments

The countdown to the big day is coming so fast! It is so exciting to be signed up at the hospital and looking forward to a tour. Everything is coming into place, and each day I am looking forward to the next. Every day I feel and see Aksel’s kicks and movements as rolls around acting silly. This only makes my anticipation for his birth to grow.


At 36 weeks, Aksel is nearly 6 pounds, and do I feel like I eat his weight each day! His sleep patterns have begun to settle in some: he is awake most often around 11 pm and 5 am. A lot of times, he will also wake up to kick Nathaniel’s arm if we are laying down together. If kicks show that he likes him, then Aksel is also a huge fan of Star Trek, because he wouldn’t sit still at all during the movie.

week 36 bump

Although Aksel steals a whole lot of attention, he is not the only thing that I have to spend time on. Aside from the blog, I have college about to start and a marriage that requires attention. Even though a baby requires a whole lot of attention, I cannot let my other priorities fall to the way side. But how do you do that?


For me, balancing my marriage and pregnancy is easy, because they truly can go hand-in-hand. I need to work out more: I go to the track with Nathaniel. I need to work on organizing the nursery: how could I handle moving stuff around with the help of my strong husband? Nathaniel takes every step with me in the pregnancy, including the sicknesses, the aches, the pains, and his favorite, the fatigue. I cannot tell you how much the two of us have ditched society to go and cuddle up in bed for sleep or TV. I know that not all men are like mine, maybe not all of them would deal an obsession with HGTV as well as mine, but there are things you can do together. Find out a few things to work together on and do that as much as possible.



When dealing with work, your baby is the higher priority. Don’t use this as an excuse, but remember this when stressing about your job. If you need a sick day, take it, because having a zombie you at work is not going to be as beneficial anyway. Sitting during the day? Prop your feet. Walking a lot? Make sure your shoes are supportive and take frequent water breaks (water has been my saving grace). Nathaniel and I have both made sure to stock up on sports drinks when we feel like we haven’t drunk enough. And, despite what my doctor says, when I am hungry, I eat. I have seen women on all of my mommy Facebook pages stressing about their weight. While gorging is not good, neither is starving when your baby says to eat. And sometimes, that means a Debbie snack for breakfast.


  1. Great tips! Your title made me chuckle! I used to call my friend Mrs Waddles because she was so short and would waddle all the way through the last three months of her pregnancy.

  2. 36 week mark is such an exciting milestone. Everything is getting so real at that point. I delivered my first at 34 weeks so never experienced that “safe” period until my next child and it made me appreciate those last few weeks even more. Good luck – almost there Mama.

  3. I love the fact that your are tracking your pregnancy. I have never been pregnant, but It is good to have tips to learn and store in my mind whenever that day comes.

  4. Wow, 36 weeks! You’re almost there! You’re right about work, it’s so important to take care of yourself first because it’s not helpful having you there unable to do anything productive because you’re stressing yourself sick.

  5. It’s so awesome that your husband is there for you and that your are doing this together. I loved being pregnant; both my husband and I where so excited. Almost makes me want another baby … almost. 😉

  6. Pregnancy is such a precious time for the family. I was just like you, waddling away till it was time. I am happy that your husband is always there to support you through this stage. And your tips about work is so true. No use reporting for work if you’re not going to be productive anyway. Take a break when you need it.

  7. You are almost to the end of pregnancy and I remember how excited I was to meet my little ones during this time. I know a lot of husbands that get the cravings and fatigue when their wife is pregnant. I can’t wait to hear your next post and I love the idea of chronicling your pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all.

  8. Aksel is such an adorable name! How exciting that the big day is almost here. Here’s wishing you lots od joy and happiness with little Aksel.

  9. Lol love the top image. That’s exactly how it is too. I remember being at that point which felt like it was just yesterday. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  10. You are almost there! How exciting. I would totally eat a Little Debbie for breakfast and I’m not pregnant. Go you!

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