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The Chronicles of Pregnancy: Week 32

The Chronicles of Pregnancy: Week 32 Posted on August 2, 201617 Comments

I am well into my 3rd trimester and looking forward to the last of my pregnancy. In 2 months, I will be holding the little munchkin that has been communicating via kicks and hunger. September 26th cannot come soon enough! Aksel has been doing great! I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow just to check up and sign up at the hospital (yes, we were suppose to do that 2 weeks ago). Since those 2 weeks, Aksel has grown to almost 4 pounds and is about 16 inches long. At my last appointment, he was still breech, but my midwife told me it wasn’t a worry until about 37 weeks. Everything else has been smooth and perfect.

Aksel 32 weeks

Now that Aksel is sleeping more in preparation for his due day, I am watching videos. I would really like to do an all-natural birth with no drugs, but man this makes me nervous. Youtube has been blown up with all kinds of tips for a drug-free childbirth, and I still don’t feel prepared or like I know what I am doing. I feel like experience is the only way to understand what it is like. But, how nerve-wracking to have to go in your first time without understanding!


Preparing for the Shower

The shower was planned so quickly! The past month, Rebecca had a birthday and everyone was getting ready for the new school year. Then, one day, we looked around and realized the shower was a week away. Man, did we throw together an awesome shower. I don’t want to give away too much, but if you have kept up on Facebook and Instagram, you have caught sneak-peeks at our adorable rubber ducky theme. But, even aside from decor, there is a lot that goes into any event. As our friends know, our events ALWAYS feature home-cooked foods. From the wedding to birthdays to showers, our family never fails to impress with top-notch dining. We have featured everything from lasagna to BBQ.


In addition to food, activities that your guests will enjoy is crucial. For us, a big hit was guessing how big around my belly was, with toilet paper! And they had to do it before I got there. My family and friends prided themselves (or hid in shame) at how close they were. As a prize, we gave out jars of baby dill pickles.

To help you keep things in order, I have created a basic checklist for baby showers. Download the PDF below to make sure you don’t miss a thing at your baby shower!

Baby Shower Checklist

17 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Pregnancy: Week 32

  1. My daughter did the all-natural thing. I had to have c-sections. In the end, we both had the same result – a precious, beautiful little bundle of joy. Congrats! You’ll do great!

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming birth date! It’ will be here before you know it. The rubber duck theme for your shower is just adorable. That cake is so cute!

  3. Pregnancy is such a fun ride. By the time I reached 32 weeks, I was definitely looking forward to giving birth. It’s such a miracle and such a special time. Enjoy these moments and take plenty of pictures!

  4. What a fun blog post! I say go into the labor process with an open mind. Know what you want to do and strive for that goal, but know that there is nothing wrong with deciding to go for curbing the discomfort and pain. Regardless of if it’s a “natural” drug-free childbirth or not, you still end up with the same result–a baby! I opted for an epidural with all 4 of my kids; figured I might as well enjoy the experience as much as possible. No regrets here. You’ll find there are a lot of things from early on…drug free birth vs. using drugs, breast-feeding vs. bottle feeding, disposable diapers vs. cloth diapers. There really is no right or wrong. There really shouldn’t be any feeling of “competition.” What matters is that you love your baby no matter what decisions you make! Good luck!

  5. Congrats on being in the 3rd trimester! The pictures from the shower turned out really nice!

  6. Oh, how I remember those last few months with both my pregnancies. Everyone can give you advice on going natural or getting the epidural. The bottom line is you will know what is best for you when the time comes.

  7. Congrats! You look great and it soiunds like the shower was a really fun time. I know you must be super excited!

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