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THE CHRONICLES OF PREGNANCY: WEEK 30 Posted on July 22, 201613 Comments

I cannot believe I am 30 weeks into my pregnancy! With 2 and a half months to go, I am finally ready to have him already! Up to now, I have loved the baby kicks and weird food combinations. Now, my feet are starting to swell a little bit, I am getting some pressure put on my back, and nobody told me that period cramps were replaced with a stretching uterus! I still love the kicks and combinations, but I am so ready to hold my little man!


At 30 weeks, Aksel is just over 3 pounds and is about the size of a head of cabbage. He has been stretching quite often, so I can feel an arm on one side and a leg on the other while I am laying down. Most times, when I lay down to sleep, Aksel’s head seems to poke out. I usually can still lay comfortably, but sometimes his head seems like it is blocking my air passages! I was never the best breather anyway, but now I have to watch myself on big meals to make sure I don’t get dizzy from a lack of air. Thank goodness I won’t be pregnant on Thanksgiving!

The Doctor Visit

In the past few weeks, Nathaniel and I completed our last 4-week stretch between doctor’s appointments. We went in for a checkup last Wednesday, and we were able to get a sonogram done. I cannot even explain how beautiful he is! Now that he has a little baby fat, his face is filling out perfectly. In the sonogram room, Aksel was moving his mouth and the lady told us, “It looks like he is either going to be an eater or a talker!” I immediately told her that based on my experiences with him so far, he is going to be an eater. Just like his mommy.

precious baby

After that, we went to visit my midwife. I think I have the most uneventful visits she deals with. My sister just had a baby, so I get a heads up on most pregnancy symptoms. I really don’t ever have questions, and everything else in my pregnancy is normal. I mean, it is creepy how normal my pregnancy is. While reading up on expectations for the 30th week, I felt like I was reading a description of myself.

My Typical Pregnancy Experience


Nathaniel’s allergies have been going crazy the past few weeks. Wanting to help him, I decided I would attempt to remove the dust from our room. I washed curtains and sheets, scrubbed blinds, moved furniture, swept, dusted, and cleaned our 3 fans. I even made the mistake of removing the fan blades from the ceiling fan. Because somehow I thought that would be better than getting dust on the mattress (which I later steam cleaned anyway). Finally, the time came to put the room back together a little bit. Since Nathaniel was running errands with a friend, I convinced myself I could have everything done before he got back. Until I realized how difficult it was to put the screws in to attach the fan blades.

After about an hour, I had only gotten one fan blade attached and I felt like I was going to scream. I was crying for no reason, getting mad. All the while, I knew I was just being crazy, but that just made me cry more. Then, I read an article the next day on common symptoms for the 30th week of pregnancy: “The combination of uncomfortable symptoms and hormonal changes can result in a return of those emotional ups and downs.” Like I said, it sounds like it is describing me. And not only that, but it said it is normal to be experiencing a little more fatigue than I have been. (Sighs of relief) so I am not just lazy. Thank goodness!




  1. My stepdaughter just gave birth 8 days ago. I remember her telling me, “AH I don’t fit into my pants anymore!” I told her, “You’re not supposed to. You’ve got a baby in there.” 🙂 Congrats to you. Hang in there and let yourself REST!

  2. Ah congratulations on you little guy. I remember all those baby kicks and cravings. I have a suggestion for Nathanael’s allergies. If he’s old enough ask your doctor about singular. I went on it in February after years of cronic allergies and sinus infections. I was amazed at how it works and asked my doctor if my seven year old could be on it for his, and it’s cleared up his allergies.

  3. Pregnancy can definitely be tough. I remember some really happy, special moments. I also remember a bunch of tired, achy, bloated moments. Either way, it’s still a wonderful and blessed experience.

  4. Congratulations!! I’ve never been pregnant so I cannot relate, but I can certainly empathize with the symptoms you are having. Hoping for a smooth and healthy rest of your pregnancy!

  5. Wow, thirty weeks! The last few weeks always felt the longest to me. You just get so excited to meet them!

  6. That’s amazing news, nothing is better than hearing that you have no issues with your pregnancy and that everything is going well for you and your baby. I think it’s sweet that you decided to clean the house, sorry you had such a difficult time putting it all back though.

  7. I really love the chronicles of pregnancy post you are doing. This is a great way to remember your pregnancy and I wish I would have with my boys. Thanks for sharing your experiences and the sonogram photo too.

  8. Congratulations. Feels like yesterday when I was pregnant and felt similar to what you felt. Now I have a happy, healthy 15 month old baby girl.

  9. 30 weeks, almost there!!! I used to have really bad allergies, got allergy tested, took allergy shots and now I am soooo much better!! Not cured, but more under control.

  10. Your belly may seem big to you, but looks so tiny to me. I was HUGE with my first pregnancy. Good luck with all!

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