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HOW TO PREPARE FOR COLLEGE + GIVEAWAY Posted on July 18, 201612 Comments

Going into my first year of college, I have been learning some stuff the hard way. College enrollment and preparation is so different because suddenly the student is responsible instead of the parent. It is a time filled with excitement, fear, and somewhat confusion as we start our transition into a new adult life. College is difficult. To help out your student, as well as myself, I have come up with a few small tricks to smooth over the college transition.

1) Organizing


This can go for everyone: high school, college, work. Get organized before the work rush hits. I have personally been looking forward to my shopping spree for school supplies. Folders, dividers, binders. All that stuff that will make you look like a nerd will help you perform like one. Invest in everything you think you may need and be prepared to use it all.

2) Communicating


Do NOT be afraid to call the school. For weeks, the only phone number I kept up with for my college was for the admissions office. So, when I had financial aid questions, I would call them and have them transfer me. When my orientation were booked for an unlisted day, I emailed orientation to make sure they gave me the correct date. The people working at the school are there for you, so don’t be afraid to let them do their job.

3) Investing


Invest in your future. College is already expensive, so if you need to spend that extra $100 to get a graphing calculator, do it. Having the right equipment is essential to get the job done. There is nothing wrong with providing yourself the tools you need to be successful. Make sure you get all you need.

4) Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn

Let’s be honest, high school was not as challenging as we like to give it credit for. The concepts of studying and note-taking have yet to be instilled. Take online tests to find out what type of learner you are and research how to study. Take detailed and systemized notes and, if you can, video tape your classes. I know my college offers free check-outs of video cameras to help you pick up every detail of what you need.

5) Tracking

student apps

Use various sources to ensure you have every assignment and date. I love using my Timetree app where I can have multiple calendars and share them with other people. When I meet fellow classmates, all I have to do is invite them to the calendar and we can all add assignments and details to help each other. I also have browser apps and an online system through the school that I can access anywhere with theĀ internet. These allow me to keep up with dates as well as multiple copies of assignments.

6) Eating

Diet and fitness concept

Do not listen to what they say about the “freshman 15.” Putting on weight and a lack of a healthy lifestyle will only prohibit your mind. Not having the proper nutrition will slow you down and make you more tired. Try to work in some healthy eating habits and light exercising will help you gain energy and focus better.


College is a different world that takes some special preparations. Entering into a professional world, you have to handle yourself as an adult. I hope these tips will help your student reach his/her goals and start their road to success!

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  1. Good tips for kids going back to school, especially for college. We tend to forget once they graduate HS they are adults and treated as such. I remember my shock once I went to college as you are on your own to navigate the process. I did have a counselor that was helpful in helping me pick my classes and putting me on the right path to graduate.

  2. I am so glad that I’m nowhere near that time in my life. This is a great article and those that are close to that college age should definitely bookmark this page.

  3. Great tips! As someone that works in higher education I would agree with what you have shared. As you get into college, make sure to live like a college student and stay within your means. Sometimes students try to live to excess and this causes problems!

  4. These are some great tips! I would also say that the best way to prepare for college is to do it in advance. Take down a few schools your interested in, research and visit the school and learn about the cost. You do this up front you will have a smoother experience.

  5. I love that there is so much in the way of technology to make college easier these days. Taking notes with a laptop, staying organized with apps … it was much more tedious when I was in school, that’s for sure!

  6. Great tips to prepare for college! I never had the chance to go to college, but can’t wait for my oldest to get to that point!

  7. These are really great tips for preparing for college. I will have to share these with my oldest.

  8. These are all great tips for preparing for college. I do know that organizing and time management is so important to any college student. Thanks for sharing the tips and giveaway.

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