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DAISY’S DINER IN MITCHELL, GEORGIA Posted on July 17, 201616 Comments


When I moved my family from the big city of Tampa, Florida to the tiny town of Mitchell, Georgia, we all definitely experienced a bit of a culture shock. My kids stepped out of the van, looked around, and said, “Where is Starbucks and Chick Fil-A?” We were standing smack dab in the 2nd smallest county in GA. There are far more pine trees than people. In Mitchell they had one blinking red light, a post office, and Daisy’s Diner. Okay maybe we weren’t lost in the woods, there was a restaurant.


Daisy’s was this small three table diner with awesome burgers and delicious country breakfast. It was open Friday and Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Ms. Daisy, a Mitchell matriarch manned the kitchen like a pro. She served one of the best hamburger steak with gravy that I had ever tasted. It was nice having a restaurant five minutes from the house. All other civilization was at least 30 minutes away.


Unfortunately Ms. Daisy ended up closing the diner a couple years after we moved up here. That was a sad day for all of the Mitchell, GA residents. There is another diner in the next little town over, but we loved having our own eatery.


Fast forward a few years and Daisy’s Diner has come out of retirement. WooHoo!!!!! And even better than that it will now be open six days a week from 5:30 AM until 3 PM. We were all excited, but would the food stand up to the original Ms. Daisy eats?


Michelle Fordham and her sister-in-law Phyllis along with the rest of their family has taken on the task of breathing life into Daisy’s Diner. From the time you enter the diner it is very evident they are perfectionist. The walls are sparkling white, you could eat off the floors they are so clean, and the aroma of fresh hamburgers cooking on the grill lingers in the air. Okay, they got the place looking and smelling great, but what about the food?


The Daisy’s Diner menu consists of the typical diner fare: breakfast platter, sausage biscuit, pancakes, sausage gravy biscuits,  hamburgers, BLT’s, grilled cheese, french fries, salads, all of the expected offerings for a quick breakfast or lunch. All of this is offered at very reasonable prices.


My first taste of the diner was a lunch that one of my coworkers had picked up on  a trip into Mitchell (I work in the neighboring town about 10 minutes away). My friends “K” and “M” bought a couple of us burgers. I do have to say, I agree completely with everyone who raved about the burgers that day. The hamburger patty was hand formed, and cooked to perfection. The bun was fresh and all the toppings were crisp and tasty. After that first taste, they had me interested.


That weekend I loaded up the crew and we headed up to Daisy’s for breakfast. From the time we entered the diner we felt welcomed. Michelle and Phyllis are very friendly and skilled servers, making sure everyone has what they need with the best southern hospitality.


My husband and I are on a low carb diet, and Michelle had no problem changing the menu around to accommodate us. Eggs, sausage and cheese for me and the hubby. The girls (or as we call them when we are dieting, the carb eaters) were quick to order up the pancakes and biscuits and gravy. Everything was cooked just right. Phyllis sure does have skill on the grill.



My eggs were cooked perfectly to medium. Becca said her pancakes were light and fluffy, and Taylor scarfed down her biscuits and gravy. My husband did manage a little taste of her gravy and said it was delicious, some of the best gravy he has ever tasted.


It wasn’t quite lunch time, but Michelle insisted Taylor try the BBQ pork. Taylor said it was classic GA BBQ and 100% delicious.


While we were eating a few of the people from the neighborhood came in to eat. It is nice to have a place to come out and hang out with your neighbor and chat. When one of the locals showed up, the neighborhood dog had followed him to the diner. “Pudding” as all the Mitchell locals called him, has become the diner dog. He sits at the door and greets everyone as they enter the diner. You gotta love it.


So, I think the verdict is in and we are all happy Daisy’s Diner is back in business. Now I want to encourage all my Mitchell friends, come out and eat a burger and get to know Michelle and Phyllis. We want to keep Daisy’s open for many years to come.



  1. What a sweet little restaurant! I also live in a small town and we have a diner kind of like that one. It also closed down and someone reopened it. There’s nothing like good ole’ southern small town diners.

  2. Everything Looks Soooooo Good My Grama Used To Make The Biscuits And Gravy I Miss Them!!! It’s Places Like This That Have The BEST FOOD Thank You For Sharing!!

  3. I grew up in very rural IA and there was one diner in my hometown as well. No coffee shops, no fast food joints, no donuts or ice cream – just the diner – that had everything! Whenever I go and visit – we always go to “the diner” for a treat

  4. Oh man, I am getting so hungry looking at all of this great food. Daisy’s diner sounds like a great place to eat.

  5. It’s a nice place to take the family to for lunch or after a long tiring day of playing under the sun! The food looks great and nothing beats the homecooked classics!

  6. I love that they revived a landmark – how wonderful! This looks like the kind of place my family loves to eat…that food is all making me hungry.

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