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DECORATING ON A BUDGET #SPONSORED Posted on July 5, 201613 Comments

As Nathaniel and I are trying to close a deal on a house, all I can think about is finally decorating my own house. Interior design is something that has always entertained me. I have been known to get caught designing houses online. Matching color schemes with different patterns to create an overall mood is an art in itself. The idea of designing a house exactly how I want has been something I have been waiting for for a long time. But, at my age, there is one problem.

No matter how money-smart or savvy you are, no couple in their teens can afford to design a house. House design includes so much: couches, rugs, tables, chairs. The list is endless. At 19 and 17, I have to admit that Nathaniel and I are going to be under a strict budget for decorating. And it doesn’t help that we both have expensive tastes!

Pillows Only

Looking for a couch, Nathan fell in love with sectionals. The thought of one day curling up on one couch with our kids watching TV made his dreams inflexible. He was not going to budge on his dream of a sectional. You can imagine our excitement when we found someone selling a sectional for $125! No rips, no smoking, no pets. The deal seemed too good to be true. After we picked it up, everyone pitched in to accomplish the task of cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing. At the end, Nathan and I looked at our new couch with love and pride. Now for the next problem: the couch was tan…just like our walls.


Our Trip To At Home

With big ideas and a small budget, I could not wait for our shopping trip to At Home. Mrs. Chrishelle, Rebecca, and I packed in the truck and headed off to the nearest store. At Home is my heaven! I learned on my trip that there is actually a home decor store that didn’t overcharge their customers. And there is no sacrifice in quality or variety! Looking for a cheap way to spice up my living room, I went directly to the decorative pillows.

My At Home Finds

Imagine 6 aisles of decorative pillows. Every fabric, every color, design, shape, and size. The huge array of pillows blew my mind. And the best part? They were AFFORDABLE! I picked out several pillows in a darker color pallet to satisfy Nathaniel’s wants, and one pillow with a rich green to satisfy mine. I then found a green vase to match on the 50 % off shelf. I had to think long and hard before buying anything. There was so much to choose from, it would have been easy to go over budget by grabbing everything I saw that I wanted. After finding a small throw to add to the couch, I was finished with my shopping trip!

Anything you could imagine decorating your house with can be found at At Home. Pillows, place mats, paintings, rugs, ottomans, picture frames, tables, kitchenware, patio furniture. I fell IN LOVE with this nautical dresser below! Something like this would look stellar in baby Aksel’s room. They also had a table with an anchor base that was beautiful, and marked half off!

nautical dresse staged


To say the least, my trip to At Home made me a lifetime fan. Their wide variety and good prices make it an essential stop when decorating a high-end room on a low-end budget. I cannot wait until it is time to search for decor for the dining room! Make sure to check out your nearest At Home store or shop online to find your favorite decor.

We received free products in exchange for a review. However, the opinions in this article are completely our own.


  1. Decorating on a budget can be so hard, so I love to shop for quality pieces at places like At Home. Getting a great deal is always a thrill when I’m shopping for my home.

  2. At Home has some great deals on home goods. We went with my son to pick up some essentials for his first college apartment!

  3. I love the decorative pillows, they do a great job of changing the look of a room on a budget.

    I’ve never been to a Home store before.

  4. I have never heard of At Home, I need to do some store searching ASAP! Decorating can be expensive so it’s nice to know that this store allows you to decorate on a budget! Great pics!

  5. At Home sounds like a great place to shop for the home. The pillows look awesome and I too love that dresser. I will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love being able to buy accessories for my home without spending too much and although DIY can normally be the solution for that it would be nice to have a story you can rely on for affordable prices! This sounds like an awesome store with great deals too.

  7. Decorating can be challenging on a budget, but this is a great store to do just that. I recently took my teenager to At Home to start planning her dorm room life. She picked up a fun “Wander” sign she can’t wait to use.

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