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THE CHRONICLES OF PREGNANCY: WEEK 27 Posted on July 1, 201619 Comments

During my whole pregnancy, Nathaniel and I have been focused on other stuff: the wedding, prom, graduation, a new house. Although we are still working on the house, part of setting up is making sure we can provide for our little newcomer. I am so happy to say we have finally began truly looking for the things he will need. Last week, we set up a registry. This week, we found a crib with a mattress to go with bedding we found him about a month ago. We have discussed strollers, but we have not found one we agree on yet. Before buying anything, the two of us normally have long discussions about our options and priorities. I guess that is what happens when you marry a man that wants to be every bit as involved as the woman in the shopping and buying process. It definitely brings us closer and he keeps me from making poor choices.

27 weeks baby bump


At 27 weeks, Aksel can finally open and close his eyes. He weighs almost 2 pounds and is about 14 1/2 inches long; he is going to be such a macho little man! My weight gain is right around 20 pounds right now. For the past month and some weeks, the pounds have been coming on faster, but I have held them off some in the past 2 weeks or so. For the past week, he has been craving McGriddles and soft serve ice cream. So, after church Sunday night, Nathaniel took his wife and son out for a blizzard with one of his old friends and a girl I’ve known for 4 years. (Side note: they exchanged numbers that night. Looks like Aksel is already a little matchmaker.)

27 weeks

What Are The Necessities?

I hope with that subheading you weren’t expecting me to answer the question. As a first-time mom, I have been asking myself this question over and over. I have had people tell me I don’t need a changing table or diaper genie, and others that have told me they are musts (I say just go ahead and get it). Experts say exercise everyday is needed, but it wears me out! I try to get out there a couple of times a week (doesn’t always work. If it does, I am patting myself on the back and eating ice cream!). I have had people tell me to bathe my baby once every 2 to 3 days, and others say they bathed theirs everyday.  What things are needed and what are kind of just general things that people want?

As Nathaniel and I are looking to buy a new house and having a baby right before I start college, much of our life is financial planning. My idea is we spend all of our money on baby and we may be able to furnish some of the house along the way. Nathaniel says that they didn’t have wipe warmers in the beginning of time and babies survived, so it must not be necessary. While I can’t assume I have the correct philosophy, I know I am right. Just kidding. I am wondering: what is correct? Where in between our beliefs is the right answer? I need help from mothers that have been though pregnancy and tell me: what are the necessities?

My Favorite Things

This week, my favorite thing is a story. Maybe slightly embarrassing, slightly gross, but I believe it catches the essence of pregnancy. This last weekend, Nathaniel and I went out to eat with his parents. Despite the fact that I felt full after the appetizer, my meal came with macaroni and cheese. I LOVE mac and cheese. So here is my logic: “Well, what can I do? I ordered it. That means I have to eat it. Packing it up for later is definitely not an option.”

mac and cheese

Fast forward to an hour later: we are on our way home. My stomach is churning, hating me for what I have done. Nathaniel is just gassy. His stomach is hurting so it was punishing us both. We are on a pretty open back road, window rolled down, my face hanging out the window, and I decide to stick my head back in the truck for a break from the wind. After a minute, I catch a huge whiff of my husband’s…butt odor… that he had failed to warn me about. That was it. I made him pull over and let me have my moment of sickness on the side of the road. The sad part: I peed myself some while it was happening.

I felt so nasty! In my emotional state, I apologized to Nathaniel over and over and asked if he still found me attractive. This poor man tells me yes as I can see his face cringing! He tried so hard not to show how gross  I was in that moment. My poor husband! Thank goodness we were close to a very good friend’s house where we stopped and I was able to get cleaned up. Pregnancy is not always fun. Sometimes, its gross. It’s not me, it’s the pregnancy. That’s what I keeps telling myself.



  1. I highly doubt you’re the only one who has had that happen. The body does crazy stuff to us when we’re carrying another life inside.

  2. Well, I do not believe that this was your fault and even if it was, Nathaniel pharted! He deserved a full face-to-face view of your horkment!

    Seriously, I have known MANY women who experienced incontinence due to pregnancy. Think about it. That baby is laying all OVER your organs. 🙁

    I bless you both!

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself! It is a beautiful thing. What a task to bring a baby into the world! Your emotions are high, but don’t worry you are beautiful!

  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you never regain full control over not tinkling on yourself when you sneeze. haha. Although, I didn’t have this issue until after my second child, after my third it’s just worse. You really get used to it, start wearing a panty liner and just say a swear word in your head when it happens. It happens to all moms, we’re just not quite so open about it.

  5. Don’t be hard on yourself. Being pregnant is not all that glamorous. Everyday life as a pregnant woman can be challenging. I remember a lot of morning sickness with my second child.

  6. Oh! i’m 33 weeks tomorrow with baby #7 and let me say – I’m SO glad it’s almost over. Although I do love it, I’m slightly over it. My morning sickness finally decided to subside at 16 weeks but before that I had lost so much weight and been so sick it was awful.

  7. My vote is to skip all the frivolous stuff. Even fancy strollers and things that seem important…none of that stuff is going to affect your child’s future…especially when compared to saving and investing that money for his college education :). But that’s just my 2 cents.

  8. Looks like the little guy’s progress is going great and it’s nice that you and the hubby are enjoying preparing everything together, that’s all that matters. You shouldn’t blame yourself, pregnancy really does that to your body!

  9. Congrats by the way on your pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us.

  10. I say skip the diaper genie, but a changing table is nice! As far as bathing, it will depend upon the child! My first born was bathed every 2 days and that worked for him. My second child however needed a bath every day.

    Pregnancy is a magical time. Thanks for sharing your story!

  11. Awwwwwwww yeah pregnancy is definitely not as glamorous as the photos we see all over social media that’s for sure! This stuff happens to all moms lol…

  12. LOL, I got a changing table for my daughter. I use it maybe five times in the nine months she’s been home with us lol What I will swear by is a baby bath tub and washcloths, you can never have too many washcloths.

  13. I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve heard stories like these from my mom and my friends. Pregnancy can be rough, but I hear it’s worth it in the end. 😉

  14. Your doctor’s appointments will increase in frequency toward the end of the third trimester, but at week 27 your appointments are still spaced farther apart, probably around four to five weeks apart.

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