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LAUGH OUT LOUD : MY MOM SQUAD ADVENTURES Posted on June 30, 201616 Comments

Sometimes when your a mom you just have to laugh, because if you do not you may cry.  Motherhood definitely requires a healthy sense of humor. If you take yourself too seriously as a mom, you might need to find a good psychiatrist or at least a good group of friends. You know, those girls you can tell the dumbest thing you have ever done and they laugh their butts off then tell you an even dumber thing they have done.

I am so lucky to have found my group,  my tribe, or as my daughters affectionately refer to my friends, my mom squad. That’s right, I have a #squad.  We started out as coworkers, then lunch buddies, but now we have made the move to a squad. The rest of the group have, for the most part, grown up together, but I am the transplant. I moved up to this small town in GA about 9 years ago, and did not expect to find my niche. I am so glad these gals took the time to get to know me, could not ask for better friends.

I think before I tell you about our latest adventure, you need to be introduced to my girls. First of all there is “K”, oh my goodness where do I start. She is the girl that will make you spit milk out your nose when she tells you about her crazy adventures. She has a 19 month old son, “squishy face,” that is too cute for words. Next there is “M”, the one that sits back and takes everything in and gives us the commentary on our craziness. She also has a 19 month old pure country boy. Then there is “T”, the only mom who has as many kids as me. However she has a 17-year-old and then her two little sweetie pie wild men who are 4 and 2. We cannot forget “J” our mom of two, a teenager and a little guy, and who happens to be our fashion queen hipster. Last of all there is “B” our newly wed, not a mom yet, but auntie to all the kids. She is a fashionista on all levels, home, party decor, and personal style.

There are more ladies that move in and out of our “squad” but these are the main characters. We may seem like a mild mannered group, but put us all together and our adventures could be sold to a sitcom. You want to know about our latest adventures? Well let’s call this the The Baby Shower That Stormed.

Our friend “H” is having a baby. “H” is the sweetest, most loving, pure of heart, lady you would ever want to know. So not like me and my condescending sharp tongued squad.  She is having a girl. This is a big deal since this sweet bundle of joy was proceeded by three rough and tumble boys. We wanted to give her the most amazing shower that our work group has ever thrown. A pretty in pink, carousel horse, bows and rainbow mush fest.

Everyone was on board. We recruited food makers, decorators (of course “B” was in charge of this), and someone willing to find the perfect fancy cake. We gave this job to “K”. Oh goodness, here starts the twist to our plot. “K” was sick the day before the shower, and I thought “M” had texted her a baby shower reminder.


It is the morning of the shower, and I was in “M” &”K”‘s office wrapping my gift. “K” comes in and sees my gift and says “Oh, crap!!! What was I supposed to bring?” THE CAKE!!!! This might not be a big deal for most of you, but we live in the second smallest county in GA. The nearest supermarket is about 45 minutes away. “K” quickly called the closest grocery with a bakery and pleaded for a cake to be ready by 12 PM, about 4 hours from now.   The lady agreed and we began to spell the name, K-H-L-O-E. We spelled this name at least 4 time. The baker repeated it back K-H-L-O-E. We were good to go.


It’s time for the shower, and we are all running around trying to get this party put together. “M” &”T” are getting the food together, I am helping “B” get the decorations up, and “K” is floating around between decorations and food. So, we get everything together just in time for “H”‘s arrival.



Everyone had a good time laughing about our mom stories, playing the toilet paper around the waist game, eating all the good food including the cake, and of course watching all the beautiful girlie gifts being unveiled.


The party comes to an end, we clean up, and go our separate ways. Later that night “B” posted some pics on FB. Everyone starts with the gushy comments. You know “Glad to do this for our friend” ” Y’all are the sweetest” “Happy to work with such a thoughtful group” Then “H” takes a close look at the cake pic and posts, ” The cake said Welcome K-Hole, not Khloe. We all took a second look and low and behold the cake said K-Hole. Not a one of us or the other guests noticed it.


When I read that post and took a second look at the pic of the cake, I laughed like a half mad loon at the looney bin. My husband could not figure out what I was laughing at, and when I told him, it did not seem half as funny to him. Guess you need to be a mom to get the joke, and enjoy the laugh.

The next day, over lunch my crew had another big laugh. First of all at the cake, and our lack of attention to detail. And secondly at the fact the “K” was responsible for the cake. It such a classic “K” move. And I say that with the most love. We laughed until people came in the office to see what was going on. I am so glad I have these girls in my life.

I love my #momsquad. I would not give them up for the world. We laugh together, cry on each other’s shoulders, fuss about our crazy families (in the most loving way), and most of all keep each other sane. My wish for each and every mom is to find their crew, gang, squad, posse, or whatever you call them, and hang on tight.



  1. OMG I would have lost it over the cake LOL. You guys are awesome for laughing it off, though 🙂 It’s something you guys will laugh about for years to come.

  2. Oh my gosh! That could be on cake wrecks! Once we got a cake that was supposed to have Barney on it. It definitely didn’t look like Barney.

  3. I think it is great that you saw humor in the misspelling rather than getting angry. I think we all can learn a thing or two from you! 🙂

  4. That is really great that you have a bunch of friends to be able to hang out with have some laughs. What a fun party, even with the cake. 😉

  5. This s such a beautiful shower. Congratulations. Having your mom squad is so important. My mom squad keeps me sane on a daily basis.

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