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MONEY SAVING WEEKEND REPORT Posted on June 28, 201616 Comments

What a weekend for money saving. Let me start by saying I am a bit frugal. (My kids would say a cheapskate.) I have learned how to stretch a buck until it starts screaming. I love to shop a sale or clearance rack and I have never met a coupon I didn’t like. So, you can only imagine my excitement this weekend when I found a couple of stores with sales and coupons. Double score for a money saving trip.

I have been obsessed with couponing  and money saving plans for about 7 years now.  I look back at my earlier years and shake my head at all the money I wasted by not checking out the saving/couponing blogs and taking their advice.

I know when I talk about coupons many of you think about the grocery store, but let me tell you there is so much coupon savings beyond the grocery store. Some of the best coupon retailers are: Kohl’s, Macy’s, Goody’s, Target, Charming Charlie, American Eagle (high end stores give out coupons too), and Aeropostale.  Those are my top stores, but almost all stores offer occasional discounts.

This weekend I was able to save a bundle at Kohl’s and Charming Charlie’s. I have baby Aksel’s arrival, a baby shower for one of my good friends, Becca’s 18th Birthday, and Taylor’s 18th Birthday to shop for this month. You would think all this shopping might break a budget, but not when you have a shopping strategy.


Armed with my deal finding hubby, I hit the Kohl’s first. We had $50 in Kohl’s cash and multiple coupons. (The Kohl’s cash was a combination of$20 from a school shopping trip and $30 given to us by Grandma Laura) Our first stop was the clearance baby rack, after all we did have two babies that were top priority this weekend.

We were able to find some pretty awesome deal from top brands like Carter’s and Osh Kosh B’Gosh. Most of the clothes were marked down 90%. So, I was able to get a Nike sweat outfit normally $44 for $4.40, Osh Kosh overalls retail priced $32 for $3.20, and a gorgeous lace Carter’s dress regularly priced $38 for $3.80, just to name a few.


Our next stop for more money saving was the toy rack. Kohl’s had their Fischer Price toy on sale for 40% off. Of course my husband was in his happy place. He insists Aksel needs every toy out there, for learning purposes. With prices so low and coupon in tact, I was okay with that. My husband narrowed it down to three toys, two Fisher Price toys and a plush Star Wars Storm Trooper marked down 90%.

We also picked up a couple shirts for my hubby, tennis shoes for myself and 3 outfits for my daughter. So, on to the register we went. With coupon, Kohl’s cash, and clearance deals, we were able to get $820 worth of items for $66. Score, happy dance!!! I have Aksel and my friend’s baby taken care of and I managed to get a few things for Becca’s BDay and take care of me and hubby.

The next day Maddie and I ventured out to the mall for some more money saving opps. Our target store, Charming Charlie. They had a massive sale and I had a coupon. There was a 60% off clearance, BOGO on scarves, and I had a $20 off $60 purchase.


With Maddie’s help I was able to pick out scarves, watches, earrings, necklaces, a pair of sandals and a really pretty shirt. In all I was able to get 17 items and only pay $44 out the door with tax. That is about $2.60 cent an item. I had Taylor and Becca covered for their BDays.

There you have it. My money saving adventure for the weekend. I hope I have given you some savings inspirations.


  1. Wow, you saved quite a bit of money! Good for you. I am one of those people who doesn’t even look at prices when I shop….eek.

  2. I am always looking for ways to save money. I’m not that good at couponing I don’t quite understand it all, but when I can get a good deal I’m all excited and do a little bit of the happy dance LOL.

  3. Great ways for you to save money! I love saving money, too when I can. There’s nothing wrong trying to save some bucks and I think others should give it a try.

  4. I’m with you on hitting the sale racks. I love when Kohl’s has a major sale and then I have the 30% coupon oFF AND then I get Kohl’s bucks on top of that! WIN

  5. I’m all about saving! I’d definitely consider myself to be frugal too but since I’m always saving/stretching my money, I’m am to travel a lot and do the things I love.

  6. I love saving money and using coupons as well. You did awesome on these finds. Makes me want to go shopping now lol.

  7. These are indeed great savings for the weekend and you got some great items too. Using coupons and hitting sales racks can save you so much money. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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