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FIREWORKS AND SAFETY Posted on June 28, 201614 Comments

Independence Day is a time for celebration: family, friends, food, and fireworks. Our family has always loved watching the beautiful shapes and colors on display at local festivals and nearby towns. The enjoyment of sharing such an honorable celebration with those closest to you is incomparable. This year, my family is looking forward to sharing that time with our neighbor at his lakeside house. When the local city sets off their annual display over the lake, we will have a spectacular front row view from our neighbor’s porch.When celebrating those sacrifices of our nation’s founding fathers, it is important to keep your family safe. When you are lighting up the sky with your stunning display, follow these tips to ensure this time remains enjoyable and fun!

When celebrating those sacrifices of our nation’s founding fathers, it is important to keep your family safe. There are many ways this holiday could be dangerous, so it is important to remember the regulations put in place to keep you safe. When you are lighting up the sky with your stunning display, follow these tips to ensure this time remains enjoyable and fun!

1) Fireworks Instructions

Tip 1

ALWAYS read the labels of fireworks before using them. For different types, there are varying regulations required to keep viewers safe. The labels are key to ensuring your family is protected.

2) Follow All Laws

tip 2

The day before, be sure to check up on all local and state laws concerning the use of fireworks. There may be laws in place that are not known and need to be followed. These laws can keep you and your family from getting hurt as well as getting in trouble.

3) Firework Duds

tip 3

Never try to relight a dud firework. Instead, leave the firework alone for at least 20 minutes. After this, place the firework in water and allow it to  soak.

4) One At A Time

tip 4

Remember, when lighting your own display, there is no rush. Your fireworks will not look like a professional’s, and that is okay. Light only one firework at a time, and back away quickly. Fireworks can have misfunctions, and remaining too close for any amount of time could result in injury.

5) Responsible Celebration

tip 5

Never allow children to play with fireworks. Sometimes curiosity can get the best of any child, and this can result in burns and injuries. Be sure any handling of fireworks is done by or within the supervision of a responsible and sober adult. Accidents can happen, and sobriety can stop them from happening.


Although these are some very important safety tips, this list does not include all safety tips to ensure the safe use of fireworks. To see further regulations and tips, click here.

14 thoughts on “FIREWORKS AND SAFETY

  1. Our church hosts a huge party and fireworks display for our community, so we’re hard at work getting ready to welcome 1,000’s to our campus. Thankfully, we leave the fireworks to the professionals. You can never be too safe when handling fireworks.

  2. Fireworks or something that I don’t mess with a huge amount. I figure I’ll leave that to the professionals. I do sometimes do sparklers, but that just brings back memories of when I was a kid had so much fun with.

  3. This is a great reminder of the importance of staying safe during the Fourth of July. This year, we will be going to see the fireworks and I think the kids will love it. It’s so important to take some safety precautions!

  4. Fireworks are not allowed in Illinois but we love to go see the big displays in cities by us. The kids just love watching fireworks.

  5. Fireworks are lots of fun, but you should always be safe when your using hem. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  6. Fireworks are illegal here in Chicago – so we just opt for nothing. We have had sparklers a few times, but my kids just are not too interested. Great tips☺

  7. These are great tips for firework safety. It’s only June and I’ve already seen so many people many lighting off fireworks already. It’s so important to me careful (and lawful) when using them.

  8. We live in a rural area where fireworks go off like crazy on the 4th. These are great tips to remember. My husband is the one who lights everything, and he’s very safe about it.

  9. These are all great tips for being safe with fireworks this holiday season. I say that as they are going off all around me right now. My subdivision starts early apparently. Ugh.

  10. We just moved 10 minutes out of Chicago to Indiana, so we bought at least a hundred dollars in fire works. My four year old does really well with sparklers but I would let him to do much else. My husband lit a firework today and ran to get out of the way and took a bad fall, so you might want to run away safely. Lol. Poor guys is all scraped up.

  11. I love watching the fireworks but safety is key. I remember seeing a fire caused by fireworks and it was terrifying.

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