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TWO POTATO HASH Posted on June 23, 201616 Comments

Week days are crazy for us. It seems like even though I am an early riser and quite proficient with my time, I  blink and it is time for dinner. Call me old fashioned, but I still believe a family should gather around a dinner table for a home cooked meal and meaningful conversation. And did I mention, my family is spoiled rotten. They want home cooked, nothing from a box, especially a potato.


So, I want to keep my family happy without putting me in the loony bin. (My kids would say I already belong there). That is why I have come up with a few dishes that can be prepped on the weekend for an easy week day preparation.

One of my go to dishes is my Two Potato Hash. The best of both worlds, sweet potatoes and white potatoes. Mmmm Mmmm….. I usually cut my potatoes up over the weekend and float them in salt water. This means no prep during the busy week, just throw them in a frying pan with a few more fresh ingredients and you have a delicious side dish for your weeknight family dinner.


If your family is like mine they haven’t met a potato they did not like. There is a bonus with this recipe too. We all know a sweet potato is much better for you than a regular old white potato. So, in this dish you have the best of both potato worlds, nutrition and flavor.



3 Cups Cubed Sweet Potatoes

3 Cups Cubed Potatoes

1 Medium Onion Diced

1/2 Green Bell Pepper Diced

1/2 Red Bell Pepper Diced

2 Cloves of Garlic Minced

2 TB Olive Oil

1 TB Salt

1/2 TB Pepper

1/2 TB Chili Powder



Place olive oil in frying pan over medium high heat. Add green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onions, and garlic to pan.  Let vegetable saute until soft. Add diced sweet potatoes and potatoes to pan and stir with vegetable mixture. Season with salt, pepper, and chili powder.  Allow potatoes to cook about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season with additional salt and pepper to taste prior to serving. Serve hot with your favorite meat and veggie.


16 thoughts on “TWO POTATO HASH

  1. I am always looking for new recipes for my family. They love to try new things. We have never made hash before. I can’t believe how simple it looks, I think I”ll attempt it this weekend! We are huge potato fans!

  2. This two potato recipe is a winner! We love sweet potatoes and white potatoes but hardly combine them in one dish. It’s a great side dish and goes well with our grilled meats or roasted chicken.

  3. I’ve never had potato hash before, but your recipe looks really delicious! Also, I don’t think your old-fashioned at all! I really believe that it’s so important for families to try to at least have dinner together each night. We cook every single day and nothing from a box either haha.

  4. I have never had the opportunity to try out potato hash and never heard of it neither. It looks absolutely amazing and quite refreshing so I will make sure to give this a whirl. Thank you very much for sharing … and the photos sold me right away to trying. xx

  5. This recipe would be something my husband would LOVE! We use Sweet Potatoes more than we use regular potatoes but I have honestly never thought to make hash out of them. Going to have to add this to a meal plan soon!

  6. This sounds good. I really like making hash for breakfast or for an easy dinner. It’s really good!

  7. I LOVE Potatoes so much but oddly enough, I’ve never had Two Potato Hash before. I’ll definitely have to try this recipe out soon.

  8. This looks so delicious! I have never made a potato hash before, so a two potato hash would be delicious to try for the first time!

  9. Everything looks so good. I have never had a hash at all, but I love that it can be made with simple ingredients. I may have to give this ago this week.

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