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SUMMER SKIN TIPS Posted on June 20, 20169 Comments

I have terribly pale skin, so every summer is a fight against dry, burnt skin and frizzy hair. My body just seems to despise the outdoors, despite my love for them and every season its a battle. This year, I have been reading up, studying, and working on what tips I need to keep my skin and body looking great, even after a baby. After looking, I’m here to give you my favorite tips to keep a beach body to be unashamed of!

Tip #1: Water

Water 3 Cropped


Being married to my husband, I know he is always going to be on my case about hydration. If he wasn’t crazy enough about it, his military training taught him just how essential water is. And the benefits are endless: it keeps your skin clearer. It speeds your metabolism. It lubricated joints. It energizes muscles. It boosts your immune system. Water is truly a must to look and feel great. To make sure you drink enough, divide your body weight in half. That is the number of ounces of water you need to drink EVERY DAY. It seems like a lot, but, the effects will be noticeable within a few days.

Tip #2: Skin Protection

Skin Protection

Skin protection does not always mean 30 SPF sunscreen. For me, it does, but not necessarily for you. Lower intensity sunscreen is not bad; everybody needs a little vitamin D. But, overexposure can put you in pain for days and leave you skin dry. If you have skin that is more resistant to sun damage, stay at a low SPF, such as 4 or 5. For more delicate complexions, slathering up with 30 SPF will do the trick of warding off that sunburnt lobster color. Read the labels of sunscreens to ensure you are reapplying as recommended!

Tip #3: Exercise


Exercising does more than burn calories. A workout of equivalent difficulty to your skill will leave you feeling energized. And, it helps with pimples. When you sweat, the unnatural oils from in your pores are pushed out. Once you wash your face with a gentle cleanser, those oils are washed away, and all that is left is natural beauty. A light workout 4 to 5 times a week will work wonders. There is no need for expensive routines or equipment, go for a power walk or light jog in the mornings to get some fresh air, then reap the benefits of a great workout.

Tip #4: Exfoliation


As great as exfoliation, it is something to stay weary of in the hot summer months. Exfoliating before sun exposure leave you more prone to burning because the top layer of your skin has been recently exposed, and as a result is more sensitive. If you exfoliate, make sure to bump up your SPF for the day to make sure you won’t burn yourself up.

Tip #5: Skin Cleanser

Skin Cleanser

Although you may normally need a strong cleanser for your face, the summer may be a reason to tone it down. With the outdoor heat and sun, summer is a much harsher environment for your skin. Make sure you aren’t drying it out with deep cleaners that strip your pores of their natural oils. Try a makeup removing cleanser or one for sensitive skin. You may need to use fewer masks or one that is more organic. And lastly, use a good facial moisturizer and normal lotion on your body.

Keeping your skin looking great in the summer can be hard. Make sure to follow these tips to help make it a little bit easier. Remember, everybody is different so some people’s ideal skin care regimen may differ slightly. And also, stress and negative attitudes will affect your overall look and feeling. Make sure to stay positive for that energy boost and glowing smile. Nothing is more beautiful than optimism.


9 thoughts on “SUMMER SKIN TIPS

  1. These are definitely great tips to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. I make sure to drink more than 10 glasses of water daily and to moisturize my skin. Eating fruits and vegetables is also key to keep your skin glowing.

  2. I am drinking my 2nd bottle of water right now. I think drinking and keeping hydrated is the best thing to do during the summer along with exercising which I have been doing in the evenings.

  3. I do these things year round. I struggle to drink enough water, but if I don’t exercise, I’m not happy. I work out six days a week with DVDs and have never belonged to a gym, you can definitely get in shape and stay in shape on a tight budget!

  4. My absolute can’t miss on the list is hydration. I have to work hard at it because I’d rather drink soda, but when I drink sufficient amounts of water, I feel a zillion times better. Now to work on the exercise…

  5. Sunscreen is a must in our house. All of us have very fair skin that burns so easily. WE go through a can of spray sunscreen a week! lol sad I know. Great tips. I love this time of the year!

  6. These are great tips for the Summer months. The sun is so hard on our skin and protecting it is a must. I know a lot of people who have had skin cancer and it is a scary thing so I always wear sunscreen!

  7. Thank you so much for these tips! I struggle with drinking enough water. I have to say, I didn’t know that sweating helps to rid your skin of blemishes. I’ve always thought that it would make it worse! Very informative article!

  8. I totally agree everything you have said in this post. My husband loves outdoor and beach and my main problem too is sunburn and frizzy hair (hate it). I learned that after you work out or you do physical activity outside you have to keep yourself hydrated. Eat healthy food and when it comes to hair I deep conditioned it at least ones a week.

  9. These are all really great tips! I am prone to burning so I try to avoid the sun all together! It can be hard as I do like to go out time to time but I’m Irish and sun screens don’t seem to like me… lol. 2 years ago was the worst. I burnt really bad. Even had sun poisoning on my boobs…. LOL It was rather funny. Hurt, but funny..

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