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FINDING DORY IN THEATERS THIS WEEKEND Posted on June 19, 201616 Comments

Finding Dory is in theaters!!! Did you hear me? Let’s go see Finding Dory. As soon as my girls have a spare minute we are going. You see, way back in 2003 Finding Nemo was the first movie my girls saw in the theater. It was our first girl’s day out. I remember little Maddie constantly saying, “Where’s Nemo?” throughout the whole movie.Oh the memories.

How ironic that Dory, the forgetful little fish, is part of one of my fondest memories. However, this time around Dory is starting to have a memory. And what is she starting to remember? She has a memory of her family. She has a family!!!!!! How exciting, Dory has a family. I guess this time around we are going to get to know a little more about Dory.

How nice to find out more about Dory. Wouldn’t you love to have a friend like Dory? Even though she has her own issues, a scary short short-term memory, she is so loving and accepting of everyone around her. Dory definitely needs to find her family. I don’t know about you, but I am rooting for her.

Along with all of our old favorite characters from Finding Nemo, we get to meet some wonderful new friends.  I cannot wait to catch up with Marlin and Nemo. Is Marlin still the over protective dad? How has Nemo’s adventures changed his life? I cannot wait to have all my questions answered.

There are a couple more familiar faces I am eager to catch up with. Crush, the super cool sea turtle who has been cruising the ocean for over 100 years, has a little one. Who could forget sweet Mr. Ray? He is still teaching the kids, but now he has a teaching assistant, Dory


We find out the Dory grew up in a marine institute with lots of neat neighbors. We meet Hank, the grouchy old octopus who is an accomplished escape artist. Hank is Dory’s counterpart and eventually a reluctant friend. There is also Destiny the whale shark with poor vision. And we also meet Bailey, the beluga whale who is convinced his echolocation is broken.


Then there are the pair I have been waiting to meet, Charlie and Jenny, Dory’s parents. They are a picture of amazing parents. Jenny is the lighthearted mom, but don’t let the smile fool you she is a fiercely protective mama. Popa Charlie is intent on teaching his memory challenged daughter how to survive.


Can you see why I am so excited? I love that this movie points out the importance of family memories. As my kids are growing into adults, I am realizing the importance of memories. Well, I hope this inspires you to go see Finding Dory and make some family memories of your own.


  1. My grandkids are going to see the movie this week. They loved Finding Nemo and I know they’ll love Finding Dory. I’m looking forward to seeing it also.

  2. I saw Finding Dory on Friday and I LOVED it! I remember seeing Finding Nemo opening day back when it first came out. I LOVE Pixar so much.

  3. We’ve been waiting on this for such a freaking long time. I’m so excited that it is finally here. My daughter is going to see it this weekend.

    We will all go again as a family.

  4. My older kiddos saw this, this past weekend and loved it. They thought getting 3d glasses was pretty cool too.

  5. I am so excited to be able to see this movie! I have been waiting for this one ever since Finding Nemo took our house by storm.

  6. Hell I’m 26 and I couldn’t be more excited about Dory! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to see this movie since forever. Can’t wait to watch it!

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