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FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS Posted on June 17, 20165 Comments

When looking for a Father’s Day gift, we want something that our dads will 1. appreciate, and 2. think about us when they are using it. If you are like us, the fathers in your life don’t use the ties and watches, or they already have too many of them! This year, we asked our husbands, “What would be the best gifts to get you this year?” In response, they said that no man should have to lack any of the things on our gift list.

Gift 1: Coleman Cooler

Coleman Cooler


For the best deal for your money, Coleman is the way to go. Where some cooler brands come with a large price tag, this Coleman comes with a budget-friendly one. If your special dad doesn’t have a cooler to keep his water or beer cold and safe, this is a must-get!

Gift 2: Gerber Multitool

Gerber Multitool


Gerber multitools are some of the best to get anyone out of any situation. For men, it is cutting a rope or tightening a screw. For you, it is figuring out what on Earth the man in your life could possibly want!

Gift 3: Body Glove Water Shoes

Body Glove Water Shoes


If your father is a fishing, swimming, kayaking, boating kind of guy like ours, these will come in handy! Slippery rocks in rivers and lakes don’t have to be feared anymore! These shoes will provide comfort and safety; something for him and something for you.

Gift 4: Costa Hat

Costa Hat


When out on the high seas, or in the woods, make sure your dad is covered. Costa hats are great for the convenience of not having the sun in your eyes but are also great for avoiding that sunburn. As much as he is out in the sun and heat, keep your father’s face safe from the sun and blistering heat.

Gift 5: Cabela’s Lawn Chair

Cabela's Lawn Chair


For camping or around the yard, this chair was made for comfort and functionality. It features a great side table with a stable cup holder that folds flat for easy storage. Your father will stay well rested and comfortable in this great seat.

Gift 6: Wool Socks

Wool Socks


Although the weather is warm now, we all remember the chilling cold of winter mornings. When your father heads out for deer season this year, make sure he stays warm from head to toes. These heavy duty socks are thick and insulated for ideal warmth and  lifespan.

Gift 7: Berkely Sunglasses

Berkely Sunglasses


Keeping your eyes from harsh UV rays is extremely important. Although it is nice to think about the lack of squinting, and therefore wrinkles, when it comes to sunglasses, the truth is that the sun is truly damaging. With a pair of polarized sunglasses, the dad in your life will look good and stay protected.

Gift 8: Kettlepot




This kettle pot is the best thing since sliced bread for we campers. This awesome invention can be used to cook over a stove, pour liquid from, or drink from (even when it’s hot!). Extremely light and versatile, the kettlepot is great for backpackers, hikers, and campers.

Gift 9: Nite Ize Accessories

Nite Ize Accessories


These accessories are made to be multipurpose, using tools that any outdoor dad on the go needs. The accessories above includes a carbonator clip with a bottle opener, serrated edge, and screwdriver. In the middle is a wallet with a screwdriver, ruler, and bottle opener. On the right, there is a key holder that locks all keys in place to avoid the loss of one.

Gift 10: Can Holder

Can Holder


Starting with a cooler and ending with a cooler, this tote is made specifically for easy transportation of cans. With a shoulder strap, this carrier is great for carrying out in the woods for hunting, or anywhere else gone on foot. With an insulated skin, it will keep your drinks cool without the load of an entire cooler.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

All gifts can be found at your local Cabela’s store or online.

5 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS

  1. My old neighbor was an outdoors man. His wife last year did a nice birthday surprise and they had a community camp out for him he loved it because it not only celebrated him as a father but everyone in the neighborhood.

  2. Wow! Those look like some awesome father’s day gifts. I really love the theme you put together, as well. I think an outdoor type of theme would be so perfect! And sunglasses are a must.

  3. My husband wanted Costa stuff for Father’s Day. He wanted sunglasses, but that hat is a good idea too! Last year we gifted him a cooler. Can never have too many! Great ideas.

  4. These are all wonderful gifts for Father’s Day — or for any holiday actually. I know that the sunglasses and cooler would be much loved by my husband. We spend a lot of time outdoors and on the lake during the summer.

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