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CHRONICLES OF PREGNANCY: WEEK 25 Posted on June 15, 201614 Comments

This week I have been getting my first taste of my third trimester of pregnancy: it does not feel too much different. I feel like the kid whose parents always ask, “How does it feel to be one year older,” when everybody knows that your age and maturity has been steadily progressing over the past year and you have not, in fact, skipped over an entire year of age. The past week or so, some new pains have surprised me, but nothing major. I have been drinking water like a mad woman because my toes were showing the first signs of swelling, and I decided it is far too early for all of that. They have had no progression, to my relief.

I must say though, I hit one milestone yesterday. When Nathaniel and I went to Cabela’s, he parked in the expectant mother’s parking spot. I always felt like I didn’t need to before and didn’t want to take advantage of something I didn’t need, but now that my belly is truly poking out, I got out of that truck with a joyful and proud smile on my face. Maybe I made this out to be a big deal, but for me, the day that I feel like I look like a pregnant woman and not a woman that just has some fluff, I am jumping for joy! My next milestone will be when a stranger asks when I am due; I cannot wait for that!


25 weeks

So, to give you guys some real updates now, I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. At this point, Aksel weighs a pound and a half, about the size of a head of cauliflower. He is beginning to develop baby fat and grow hair. I also got tested for gestational diabetes, and since we have not heard the results, all this means to me is that I was really hungry and wanting to eat for a few hours, and then the doctor gave me a bottle with clear liquid that tasted great at first, and by the end it got so sweet it was hard to swallow.  Other than that, they weighed me. I have gained 8 pounds in a month. Not something I WANTED, but I can honestly say I believe it went mostly to my tummy. My total weight gain: 20 pounds. My doctor said that it is fine number to be at because I still have 15 pounds of growing room to still be in the “normal” zone for pregnancy gain. They took Aksel’s heart beat and it is 147. I am not sure when the day will come that his little heartbeat doesn’t make me tear up a little. It is such a joyous sound and only makes me more excited to meet my little man!


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My Favorite Things: Baby Registry

Target baby registry


Now that we have been planning the baby shower, Nathaniel and I have been looking at different registries and what they offer as far as gifts and giveaways. If you don’t already know, signing up for a baby registry can get you some awesome gifts bags. So far, I have signed up for Target. Target’s gift bag has a ton of free samples: diapers, wipes, a bottle, a pacifier, breast milk bags. And what else would make me want this bag more than coupons? They give what seems like an endless amount of awesome coupons that we have already started using to stock for the baby. And, I must say, there is one coupon that is my absolute favorite: a BOGO on Starbucks coffee. I LOVE this! I have never found Starbucks coupons anywhere else and it makes me feel like Target was not just thinking about the mother side of me, but also the side of me that is currently going through pregnancy. They remembered that I am tired and trucking this big ole’ belly around, craving a frappuccino. Target made it personal.

Over the next week, I don’t have too much planned. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow that I am tripling as sister and auntie time. I cannot wait to hold my niece again. At 7 weeks, she is so sweet and precious. I have been practicing my diaper changing, feeding, burping, and bathing skills on her. Still, she only makes my excitement grow for the arrival of my little one. Next week, I will share more on baby registries, the things you need and anymore updates on my pregnancy!


  1. When I was pregnant with my first, I registered at Babies R Us for the big stuff and Target for the smaller stuff 🙂

  2. What a cute little baby bump. I wish I had known about all of the registries when I was pregnant but that was ages ago and I was too busy on the farm and in the garden for a computer. Now I advise my kids to sign up for all of them.

  3. My daughter registered at Target and they were great about the samples and discounts. Fingers crossed your GD test comes back normal.

  4. You have such a cute little bump! I’m almost at week 31 and I am feeling blah….. I never did a baby registry, I wish I had but it never even occurred to me!

  5. Target is a great place to shop for baby items. The weekly sales are awesome. Congratulations on your expectancy.

  6. You look beautiful. I can hardly remember being pregnant now that my youngest is 17. It all goes by so very fast.

  7. Congrats, you look great. I used to enjoy the expectant mother’s parking spot. I miss having my big ole belly. People were so nice no matter where I went.

  8. Aww. You made cry a little, these updates are so sweet and I love the peek into your life. Your baby bump is gorgeous. I can’t wait til the next update!!

  9. How sweet! Congratulations on your pregnancy. Target was one of the first places I registered when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I don’t think they were giving away gift bags at that time. How cool!

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