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WE ARE NOW ON BLOGLOVIN Posted on June 11, 2016

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If Taylor and I are anything it is social. So, we are loving learning about all the “social media” involved in blogging. Oh the options: twitter, FB, IG, Google+, Pinterest, and so many more I am learning about every day. There are tons of different options to reach out to the readers, it is simply mind blowing.
Today I wanted to introduce you to our newest forum. Fantastic Mrs. Mom is officially on Bloglovin’. I am still getting the hang of it, but I have got to say it is pretty cool. I am still getting the hang of this media outlet. With that being said if you have any tips to help me grow my Bloglovin’ community I would love to hear them. I never turn down advice from more seasoned bloggers or social media gurus. Wish me luck and hope to see you in my Bloglovin’ group one day.