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MY DIY WEDDING Posted on June 9, 201618 Comments

On April 2nd, I had the biggest event of my life (so far!): my wedding. I got married to the man I love in front of our families, friends, and God. As blissful as the day was for me, anyone that has ever been involved in a wedding can testify that it is not easy. There are so many things to do! Our whole wedding was a shabby-chic, vintage, country coalition. Basically, for months before, my mother-in-law saw decor at the store, bought it, and asked “Do you like this? Great, we’ll fit it in somewhere.” There were close to 100 people at my wedding. We fed them more than they could eat and entertained them from the time they got there to the time they left. And get this: my wedding, besides the dress, was under $2500. We were able to accomplish this by building things ourselves. We had several projects leading up to the wedding that made a BIG difference in our needed budget.

The Pergola



The pergola Nathaniel and I got married under, we saved close to $800 on. Get this: a building set to make a similar pergola costs $1000. Nathaniel’s dad sketched up the plans and bought his own material from Lowe’s for just over $200. It took some time and muscle to put it together, but we were able to do most of the work within one evening with the help of Nathaniel’s family. This was a huge save that looked great with the church windows and fabric hanging.

 Our Pallets



My buffet was quite spectacular. We had BBQ chicken and pulled pork, mashed potatoes, grits, salad, green beans, corn bread, rolls, the whole thing. First, everything was homemade. All the food was prepared inside our house, in our smoker, in our oven, on our stove. Second, stunning buffet tables were free, when similar ones are almost $100. They weren’t borrowed, they weren’t salvaged, no. Once again, they were built. Some friends of ours own a furniture store and find themselves overloaded with pallets. Let me tell you, I will never look at a pallet the same way again! Ms. Chrishelle’s mom proved herself a carpenter by pulling pallets apart and building things from them. She made buffet tables, a lemonade stand, a wall, the cake table, and a podium. We also used a large pallet to post pictures in our picture walk. Pallets took over our wedding, and it was beautiful!

The Cake



Most people blow a ton of money on the cake and desserts. Once again, ours were made. Mr. Nathan’s mom proved herself a baker and florist. She made the cake and any flowers you see in every picture. The cupcakes were made between her and Ms. Chrishelle. But, with my sweet tooth, we couldn’t stop there! In the background, you can see mason jars all over the table. Every mason jar had a different kind of candy: Butterfinger bites, Raisinets , Sweet Tarts, Snickers, Butterfinger peanut butter bites, Twix, Sweethearts, M&Ms, a ton more I can’t even remember. As you can see, my guests loved it! The cake tasted delicious and was so elegant, the cupcake frosting was perfected. The candy was shared by all, some for eating, some for throwing. What can I say, all of my bridesmaids were 20 and under, and we had FUN.


Although these weren’t all the components that contributed to our wedding budget phenomenon, these were some of the big ones. Other things were contributions from other friends and family that got us discounts, or even free. Some of those friends were also coupons. The biggest things I can say: build it, make it, look for savings. Even Nathaniel’s military discount at Lowe’s saved money. Don’t think those little things don’t help. Everything adds up!


18 thoughts on “MY DIY WEDDING

  1. Congrats on your wedding! Here’s to a long happy marriage. I loved how everything tried out. That cake looks so lovely.

  2. Looks like such a beautiful day! I would never think to DIY a wedding but it works. Yours looks just beautiful. That cake looks amazing!

  3. Congrats on your wedding!! The photos are beautiful. 🙂 Honestly, I love DIY weddings because they’re more personal. And I think it is also practical to DIY.

  4. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful wedding but even more so what a beautiful couple!!! I love how creative you were with cake, pallet, etc. And you couldn’t tell. I am all about DIY!! We didn’t get to have a wedding my husband ended up being deployed so we are renewing our vows and I am doing the same thing DIY!

  5. Congrats and these are beautiful wedding photos. The DIY wedding is a big money saver for sure. The pergola is just beautiful and did indeed save you money. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  6. I love the fact that your wedding cost so little! It’s so tempting to give in and spend tens of thousands of dollars, when really all it does is create debt as you start life off together. I’m really inspired by this, and I’m going to save these ideas for when my kids get married. Your wedding is absolutely beautiful!

  7. Congratulations! You looked stunning! What a beautiful wedding and so affordable too, very well done! Wishing you all the best!

  8. Congratulations on your wedding. I love your DIY projects especially the pergola. It was beautiful. A DIY never hurt.

  9. This is so beautiful and how wonderful that you’ll have the memories of doing it all yourself. Congratulations to you! Also, BBQ chicken and pulled pork, mashed potatoes, grits, salad, green beans, corn bread! I sure miss southern cooking. Yum!

  10. It’s wonderful that you were able to save as much money as you did. It’s no fun going into a marriage with big wedding day debt.

  11. Lovely wedding love your dress. It is amazing how you both involve you families in preparing your wedding it will certainly be a wedding to remember. Congratulations.

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