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SUMMERTIME ICE CREAM SANDWICHES Posted on June 8, 201612 Comments

Every summer, our family grows to include everybody’s friends and their family (perks of having a pool!). When feeding all these people, the sink starts to pile up and the work afterwards sometimes can seem overbearing. When looking for a summer dish we could serve, we wanted something cool, sweet, and something everyone would love and enjoy. What do people love more on a hot summer day by the pool than ice cream? The great things we love about serving this are 1) the great taste that NOBODY can turn down, and 2) 3 dirty dishes. Forget about the mess or wondering what ingredients people may or may not like, ice cream sandwiches are for everybody and easy to serve.

Ice Cream Sandwiches



  • 1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 12 Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 6 Ounces Mini Chocolate Chips


For our sandwiches, we used the ready-to-bake Pillsbury¬†Big Deluxe Cookie Dough. Using fresh-baked will always be better. Allow your cookies to cool completely on a cooling rack before continuing. Place large scoops of softened ice cream onto the cookies. Place a second cookie on top and press down gently, applying equal pressure to the top cookie. You don’t want it to break! Pour your chocolate chips in a bowl. Roll the edges of the sandwiches in the chocolate chips until the sides are covered. For best results, put your sandwiches back into the freezer until the ice cream is back to a normal consistency. Serve and enjoy!

ice cream collage


While nobody can go wrong with chocolate chip and vanilla, there are many other ideas to choose from. In a group without allergies or a long list of dislikes, try other flavors and variations. Websites like this give several great ideas for ice cream sandwiches. We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do! Make sure to watch out for other great summer tips!



  1. We are in the wind-down phase from weeks of major events. Today is my son’s birthday and tomorrow he graduates from high school…. that means lots of people coming and going. I love this idea for a simple, mess-free dessert — our dishwasher is on overload from all the other cooking.

  2. I love ice cream sandwiches but have never made them myself and with the list of ingredients I am not sure if I have the will power to actually make the sandwich or eat it as is. LOL!!

  3. I love the photo of how happy people look with their ice cream treats! I would do some with chocolate chips and even some sprinkles. The perfect summer treat.

  4. These look so good. Now you have me craving sweets, I will have to go get the ice cream out of the freezer.

  5. Everyone looks like they are enjoying those Ice Cream Sandwiches! Easy, fun to make, and good to eat! That’s my kind of treat!

  6. Love ice cream sandwiches, never made them but this look too good not to try.

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