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CHRONICLES OF PREGNANCY: WEEK 24 Posted on June 7, 201614 Comments

6 months! Wow! I cannot believe that my pregnancy has been flying by as fast as it has. The second trimester has been a breeze for me. I know last week I was trying to catch you up on my first trimester, but now I can share what has been happening here lately, and what I am looking forward to in my LAST 3 months! At this point, Aksel is suppose to weigh close to one and a half pounds (he is growing so fast now!) and is about the length of a long envelope. His handsome face is developing and his hearing is becoming more and more sensitive. This big step has me more excited than I have felt yet!


24 weeks

Second Trimester

Okay, so to run over the past 3 months…it has been great. Fatigue is still there, but not like before. I can sleep normal hours and function normally. Most of the time, I only get really tired after being active for more than an hour or so. It sounds bad, but it really isn’t. I can keep going after that, I just will probably end up napping afterwards! I must say, the biggest effect the past few months have challenged me with: forgetting. I forget where I set stuff, where I was going, why I was doing something. Now that my body is feeling better, my mind has been leaving me. Nathaniel gets so confused and asks me, “How do you forget that?” It just happens! I really have not had a knack for remembering anyways, so now my pregnancy brain feels as if it is deteriorated! It isn’t a terrible thing for the most part. Every once in awhile it leaves me running around the house looking for my phone, about to leave the house, and I find it on the side of the tub or on top of the dog kennel. I really don’t know who puts my phone in the most random places…



So, I told you last week I would tell you a funny story about my last doctor’s appointment. Well, here it is: On the way to my appointment, I needed to go to the restroom but I told myself, “No, you need to wait, they will probably need a urine sample.” So, I resisted the urge to go to the bathroom. It didn’t take long and they called Nathaniel and I back and they handed me a cup and asked if I could get a sample. By this time, a bathroom break was becoming more urgent so I quickly said yes, grabbed the cup, and went into the bathroom. Any mothers that have worn maternity pants knows that it takes two hands to get those things down, so in a rush I set the cup down, got myself situated of the toilet….and peed……into the toilet. Standing up, I felt so much better. I pulled my pants up and turned to flush the toilet, seeing that empty sample cup on the counter. I was so embarrassed! I sat back down, tried to push more out, but that was it. I washed up and had to walk outside to tell the nurse I would have to try again at the end of the appointment. I was so happy when she just smiled and told me, “It’s okay, I have been pregnant before. I understand.” Nathaniel had a nice laugh about it for the rest of the day.

My Favorite Things



So far in the pregnancy, we have not shopped as much as I have wanted because we are busy trying to close a deal on a house. But, that has not stopped Oma and Pawesome (what Nathaniel’s parents want Aksel to call them) from spoiling there first grandchild. In the picture above are 2 of my favorite outfits. I adore the military-themed and the dinosaur footies! On the left is a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that Aksel’s grandma got him on her trip to Disney World. The Aveeno Body Lotion is next to that. Aveeno has some of the top-rated baby hygiene products. I trust that this lotion is going to keep my baby’s skin soft and healthy! Next, I have Nuk pacifiers. Again, this brand has great reviews, and we have been stocking up on their pacifiers and bottles for great prices at Publix. Lastly, I love the convenience of the Huggies Clutch n’ Clean. This is a rubbery, refillable, reusable wipe holder. It is relatively small, meant for a diaper bag, and has a small handle for getting it in and out.


So, like I said, the second trimester of my pregnancy has not been that bad. I had some funny stuff happen due to some forgetting, but aches and pains have been fairly minimal, my nausea has been almost nonexistent. Cravings have been random: fruits, Starbucks, ice cream, a burger, just really whatever I may smell or see someone eating, and find appealing. Aksel mostly wants to eat; he isn’t picky.

I have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday. There, I will update on the weight I have gained and I will find out whether or not I have gestational diabetes. It will be a very exciting appointment, and I cannot wait to see know more about my little man. Make sure to come and check in next Tuesday to find out my results, hear my insight into baby registries, and get updates on my pregnancy in the next week!


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! Enjoy every second. I too craved burgers A LOT when I was pregnant!

  2. Pregnancy is such a special time. I definitely started feeling better 2nd trimester

  3. Congratulations on your soon to be little one. I love the 2nd trimester, it is a little easier. The 3rd is a killer though-I hate the point you get to at the end when you are just so uncomfortable!

  4. You’re looking wonderful. That story about the bathroom at the doctor’s office is hilarious. Pregnancy brain is real! I wish you continued health and blessings as your pregnancy continues!

  5. This makes me miss being pregnant. I love the cute onesies! Enjoy this time in your life. Pregnancy goes by fast.

  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy. All of my pregnancies were different and this made me remember some of my funnier moments too.

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