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SUMMER SAFETY TIPS FOR YOUR DOG Posted on May 29, 201638 Comments


We love our dogs. They are a very important part of our family. First there is “Kitty” our long haired chihuahua that is the baby who has stolen our hearts. She is Taylor’s dog, but her Granny and Papa sure do adore her. Then we have “Ella”. When we bought her they told us she was chihuahua and Pomeranian, but I am pretty sure we were scammed. Which does not matter to us, she is a fun loving ball of energy and the best big sister “Kitty” could have asked for. Lastly there’s “Mocha”, our sweet old lady. She is what we call a weeniehuahua, a chihuahua and dachshund mix. “Mocha” was our rescue baby. She was in a home full of rambunctious boys who hadn’t meant to, but had her frightened for  her life. Needless to say she is quite attached to us, especially my daughter Maddie, and is very generous with her cuddles.

Summer dog safety

As you can see we adore our fur babies. So, keeping them safe in the summer is very important to us. I wanted to pass on a few safety tips that I have learned over many hot Florida/Georgia summers that will help keep your pups safe.


We worry about kids and elderly folks over heating this time of year, but it can happen to your dog as well. Here in GA temps can reach up to over 100 degrees. Your dog can get over heated just running around outside. We always let our babies outside in the morning to play and bring them inside during the worst of the afternoon heat. If bringing your pet inside is not an option make sure there is a shady spot they can go to for some heat relief. Also, hydration is very important. Your dog needs increased amounts of water during these months.  And lastly, I cannot emphasize how important it is to not leave your pet in a car during the hot summer months. Even if the window is cracked temps can soar over 140 degrees. Just think how you would feel sitting in that car.



I never knew this until I owned a white dog. During our first summer with “Ella” she kept scratching her nose. When I took her to the vet for her check up, I asked about it and he said she had a sun burn. I felt like the worst dog mom in the world (“way to go super nurse” that is what Maddie told me at the vet). Light colored dogs and dogs with a thin coat can burn. You should apply a waterproof sunscreen, one made for a baby or a dog if your pup is going to be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. (tip: use the baby sunscreen, they are just as effective and way more affordable).


My lowriders (that is what the hubby calls short dogs) seem to pick up passengers, ticks, anytime they run through our woods. The passenger rate seems to triple during the summer. Not only are ticks on the prowl, but so are the fleas, mosquitoes, and all other flying, biting bugs that live in the South. It is imperative that you make sure your dogs are up to date on their flea and tick preventative.



My family is always outside around a fire during the summer nights. We have a fire pit now so the danger is not as high for a dog to get a burned, but before the pit I always worried. My dogs seemed to love to play by the fire, and when the playing got intense someone would get so close to the fire I would need 911.  I was also concerned the day after a fire. The coals were still very hot. I had a human baby run through coals once. The pain was excruciating. Imagine if a little five pound pup runs through those coals.  So, please make sure those coals are marked and made impossible for pets or children to get to.



During the summer our family will find some reason to set off fireworks, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Becca’s (my oldest daughter) 18th Birthday,…….any day.  We love to celebrate with loud explosions, but our timid “Mocha” does not. She has awful anxiety anytime there is a loud noise, fireworks, thunder, or loud wind. So, when it is fire work time my daughter Maddie always makes sure “Mocha” is in doors and tucked into her favorite place to sleep, Maddie’s bed, far away from the loud noises. If the noise is super intense, Maddie always forgoes the fireworks and cuddles her fur baby instead.

I hope these tips help you and your fur baby have a wonderful and safe summer season.


  1. It’s really important to take note of these especially when your dog loves spending time outside during the warmer days of the year. This is definitely a must read for all dog owners!

  2. We don’t take our dog outside much in the summer because we have a LOT of ticks in our area. Thanks for the other awesome tips.

  3. These are such great tips. Your dogs are the CUTEST! I have a dachshund mix (he’s also mixed with Lab) as well and he’s seriously the greatest dog in the world. In fact, tomorrow (May 31) marks one year since we adopted our little Loki.

  4. We do not have a dog at home but we are planning to have one. Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep these handy!

  5. Wow, these are great tips for the dog to stay healthy even on summer season. This is a season that most dogs doesn’t love.

  6. First off, your fur babies are precious! Second, thanks for sharing these great tips. I have a short hair dachshund (a fellow low-rider LOL) and I never thought about sunburn. I will be more aware and careful going forward.

  7. These are great reminders for those of us that have dogs and live in hot regions. Last year was our first year dealing with fleas and I about died…so yucky! Definitely important to keep up with that and all the other tips here.

  8. My dogs are my babies. This reminder is awesome for dog owners and lovers alike. Heat stroke is definitely a real thing and I’m surprised more people don’t think about it when leaving their dogs in hot cars/places. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I don’t have a dog right now but the plan is to buy one soon. These are all great tips especially since I live in Florida.

  10. Making sure your pet is adequately hydrated is extremely important. I never knew that dogs could get sun burned and this is great information to pass along to my friends.

  11. These are definitely some important things to keep in mind. I had no idea dogs could get sun burnt.

  12. I don’t have any pets but I totally learned a few things here. I knew about the obvious things but I didn’t know about getting sunburned.

  13. I think it’s important to manage the dog’s time outdoors as they can feel the heat too and can get sick. It’s important to let them have a shelter from the sun.

  14. Great tips. Although my dogs love laying out in the sun in the summer I try to keep them inside in the central air as much as I can. I wish others would do the same.

  15. These are great tips for summer. I will have to share this with my Sister. She has two small dogs.

  16. I am scared of dogs. Unbelievable, right? But I’ve heard stories from my friends who have pet dogs that dogs could get heat stroke too that’s why important to always give one’s pet extra TLC. Didn’t know bout the sunburn though until today …

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